KCDK-E calls on people to join the global actions for Rojava

The Kurdish umbrella organisation in Europe called for participation in global actions to be held on the anniversary of the Rojava revolution on 18 and 19 July.

In a written statement, the Co-Presidency Council of the European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) said: “Women Defend Rojava, the Internationalist Commune, Make Rojava Green Again and RiseUp4Rojava have called Global Action days on July 18 and 19, against colonialism, fascism, patriarchy and crimes against women, ecological destruction and all forms of oppression all over the world.

The statement said: “Eight years ago, on 19 July, the free, egalitarian common life revolution of peoples and beliefs took place in Rojava. This revolution, which started in Kobanê, has been an example and hope for the humanity of the world. The libertarian women's revolution of the 21st century deeply influenced the Middle East territory, blocking the interests of reactionary and sovereign powers and represented a hope for humanity.

The Rojava revolution, where the democratic confederalism paradigm and philosophy of President Abdullah Ocalan is implemented, is a social, ecological and women free, common life build upon the common struggle of peoples and beliefs, and represents a permanent solution for the peoples of the Middle East and the region.”

The statement added: “With the epic resistance against ISIS mercenaries in Kobanê and Rojava, the Revolution has gained great sympathy and support not only in Rojava and the Middle East but all over the world. The Rojava Revolution was carried out not only by Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turks, but also by the resistance of internationalists from many peoples from Europe, America, Canada, the Far East.”

The statement reminded that “1 November was proclaimed World Kobanê Day. Today, it is possible to embrace the common values of humanity and envisage a world where peace prevails and the fight against fascism, colonialism and genocide is carried out through a common struggle.”

The KCDK-E “invite everyone to reclaim the Rojava Revolution all over the world on 18 and 19 July and to increase the common struggle.”