KCDK-E called on people to join 8 September rally in Dusseldorf

The KCDK-E issued a written statement on the decision to ban the International Kurdish Festival by the German court.

The statement noted that the decision showed a politicization of law.

The Afrin Platform, which includes parties and organisations from all four parts of Kurdistan for a total of 93 different institutions and beliefs, made up of Kurds, Turks, Assyrian-Syriac, Armenian, Yazidi, Alevi, Christian, Muslim, women and young had organized the Cultural Festival to be held in Dinslaken. 

The KCDK-E said that the government banned the festival as a result of dirty political bargaining between Germany and Turkey.

“This political decision, - said the statement - which preceded the arrival of the Erdogan dictator to Germany, provided legitimacy to the occupation and massacres of the Turkish state and its barbarian allies. This decision corresponds to a request clearly issued to the German Foreign Minister who recently visited Turkey. The bill for the dirty political relations of the German-Turkish state was again issued to the Kurdish people”.

The statement added: “"The court has decided that politics directs the law when it comes to Kurdish people. The decision to ban the Festival before the arrival of Erdogan in Germany clearly serves the political and cultural genocide policies of dictator Erdogan. This decision means supporting dictatorship, mercenaries”.

Again the statement reiterated that “this decision, which preceded the dictator Erdogan's visit to Germany, is a political decision. We condemn this attitude, the same which put obstacles and prohibitions to the youth Long March. This decision means supporting dictatorship, the mercenaries, and it goes against democracy and freedom”.

The statement continued: “As KCDK-E, we find this decision of the German court as anti-democratic and unlawful. As a component of the Afrin Platform we condemn this decision and call on our people to join the rally promoted by German deputies and the Afrin Platform in Düsseldorf on September 8. We invite all revolutionaries, democrats, intellectuals and dissenters to join the 8 September rally and protest against this anti-democratic political decision”.