KCDK-E condemns political operation targeting women in Amed

The KCDK-E condemned the political operation carried out on Friday in Amed, targeting women and their associations.

The KCDK-E co-presidency board condemned in a written statement the political operation carried out by police on Friday in Amed, targeting women and their associations. 

The statement said: "The AKP / MHP fascism, which cannot accept women's freedom struggle, turns to violence. But no pressure can stop the women's freedom struggle. Women, the leading force of the resistance, will not allow any power to stop them and they will end the AKP / MHP fascism with their resistance."

Condeming the attacks on women's institution in Amed the KCDK-E said: "In the genocide attacks that took place in Amed, the houses of many Kurdish women politicians were raided and detentions were carried out. The government wants to intimidate women politicians trhough detention without any justification. It is evident that the fascist dictator Erdogan wants to take revenge against the rising women's struggle by resorting to attack and intimidation."

The statement continued: "Our people know very well the face of the AKP / MHP fascist government and dictator Erdogan. We call on our people to voice their reaction against this attack with their actions and to expose Erdogan's misogynist face wherever we live."