KCDK-E rejects agreement on Shengal

KCDK-E called against the dirty plans on Shengal in a statement and said: "The Yazidi Kurds, the people of Kurdistan and the conscientious humanity do not accept any agreement that does not include the Shengal Autonomous Democratic Council."

The Co-presidency Council of the  European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) issued a written statement against the agreement signed on Shengal.

The statement said: "Occupation and annexation is planned through an agreement between the Iraqi government and the Southern Kurdistan administration in disregard of the will of the Shengal people."

The statement added: "This agreement, targeting the future of the Shengal people, all their historical, religious and cultural values, was the new step of the dirty plan of the colonialist Turkish state. A plan long wanted to be realize but which has failed so far to succeed. This agreement is a new conspiracy that serves the strategy of the Turkish state. This agreement is a dangerous game that aims at and serves genocide policies.”

The statement continued: “Neither the Iraqi government nor the South Kurdistan regional administration, that remained silent and fled when people in Shengal was being massacred by ISIS, a massacre planned by the AKP-MHP fascism and carried out by ISIS mercenaries, have no right to speak about Shengal.”

KCDK-E ended the statement with the following remarks: “We condemn and oppose this conspiracy planned by the Turkish state and international powers. This conspiracy led by the dictator Erdogan by the PDK means nothing but the strengthening of ISIS and the completion of the work he left unfinished.

At the end of its statement, KCDK-E called on the Kurdish people, friends and humanity to form a solidarity line around Shengal.