KCDK-E salutes the resistance for Mahsa Amini in Iran and East Kurdistan

The European Kurdistan Democratic Societies Congress Co-Presidency saluted women's resistance after the murder of Mahsa Amini in Iran and Rojhilat (West) Kurdistan.

The European Kurdistan Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-Presidency condemned the brutal murder of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini by the "morality police" in Iran and saluted “the revolt of free women”.

The statement of the KCDK-E titled “The attack against the free will of women is facing great resistance” is as follows:

“The reactionary Iranian mullah regime, which murdered a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini, seeks to eradicate the will of free Kurdish women through its repressive policies. This murder is an attack against all women who resist and rebel against the reactionary Mullah regime.

These reactionary attacks against the truth and will of free Kurdish women were the last straw. Protests continue to spread in many cities of Iran and Rojhilat against the reactionary mullah regime.

The reactionary mullah regime has killed 7 demonstrators and injured hundreds of people. We endorse this revolt against the regime at a time when male-dominated systems escalate their misogynistic attacks, and male violence, oppression, rape are maintained with the support of governments.

The torturous murder of the Armenian woman Anush Abetyan by Azerbaijani soldiers is another example of the reactionary mentality. Why and how do these reactionary regimes commit crimes against women?

Aware of the social power of free women's resistance, the sovereigns and reactionary systems know that women's freedom struggle and resistance is the only alternative that will remove medieval darkness. And today it is the Kurdish free women's movement that is honoured with leading the protests.

The women's struggle and the revolt of women against social discrimination is the only way to create a free system against exploitation, violence, sexism and war.

The democratic, ecological and women's emancipation paradigm is the only way to resolve the problems of this century.

Capitalist modernity and reactionary regimes pose obstacles to the free life of oppressed peoples and societies, especially women, with their sexist, militarist, religious ideologies and policies. The reactionary Mullah regime, supported by the fascist Turkish regime, is attacking the women's revolution that emerged in Rojava, including the Kurdish women in Bashur (South), Bakur (North) and Rojhilat (West) Kurdistan.

Rather than resolving the problems, the sexist patriarchal system is paving the way for male violence and ensuring the continuation of the exploitation of women.

However, the struggle and resistance for women's freedom is the main basis for a solution to all global problems. No patriarchal system and reactionary administration has ever offered solutions to social problems.

Although the recent resistance following the murder of Amini seems to be a revolt against violence against women, it is essentially the leading force of a social revolt.

As a social force based on resistance and revolts, women continue to be the leaders of a radical struggle against the system. This leading role of women makes them the main vanguard of the social struggle to resolve all social freedom issues.

The KCDK-E praises the free women's revolt and resistance and urges women to contribute to women's resistance in all countries and cities we live in.”