KCDK-E: Silence serves the enemies of Kurds

KCDK-E calls on the Kurds in all countries, especially in Berlin, to participate in the demonstrations to be held under the motto 'USA, NATO support the massacres of the colonialist Turkish state in Kurdistan! Defend Kurdistan'.

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) called on the peoples against the occupation and the support of international forces to the Turkish state, saying that “silence serves the enemies of the Kurds."

“The colonialist Turkish state continues its policies of occupation and genocide in Kurdistan by trampling on international laws and human rights. It is obvious that the invading Turkish state cannot carry on the war without the support of the US, NATO and international institutions,” the KCDK-E said in a statement on Thursday.

“Supporting the Turkish state and dictator Erdoğan who promotes neo-Ottomanism and remaining silent towards their invasion attacks on Kurdistan means being a partner to further genocides in Kurdistan and the region,” said the statement, which further included the following:

“The Turkish state uses ISIS and other jihadist groups as paramilitary groups to implement its occupation policies in Kurdistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Caucasus. Supporting the genocidal Turkish state and the dictatorship run by the AKP-MHP government means supporting the ISIS mentality.

We appeal to public opinion and humanity; the US, NATO and international powers should put pressure on the Turkish state. The Turkish army is using chemical weapons against the guerrillas and the people in South Kurdistan, ignoring international conventions. Remaining silent towards the use of chemical weapons, which are prohibited by international conventions, is trampling on human values. Stand up to protect human values ​​against the use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan!

The Kurdistan freedom guerrillas are fighting against Turkey’s invasion attacks in Zap, Metina and Avaşin. They are fighting against the monist and genocidal Turkish state for the freedom of different identities and faiths.

The Kurdish fighters are now heroically fighting to ensure democracy, women's freedom and a common free and equal life just as they did the same before to save Assyrians, Chaldeans, Armenians, Yazidis, Alevis, Christians, Muslims, Arabs and Circassians against ISIS.

Global public opinion should support the struggle for democracy, freedom, equality, a democratic solution to the Kurdish question and the freedom struggle for a democratic Turkey and the Middle East, as in the case of Kobane before. We urge you to raise your voice against the attacks of the invading Turkish state.


We call on the US, NATO and international institutions to stop providing military, political, diplomatic and technical support to the massacres carried out by the Turkish army in Kurdistan.

Dictator Erdogan and the Turkish state are having difficulties in confronting the Kurdistan freedom struggle and are experiencing major crises. Without your support, the Turkish state cannot carry out its policies of occupation and massacre in Kurdistan. Remember that supporting the Turkish state will lead to the growth of more jihadists.

These policies pose great dangers for the people of Kurdistan as well as for the region and the world. We call on international powers to stop the massacre and genocidal policies of the Turkish state in Kurdistan by enforcing international laws.


The massacres and attacks of the AKP-MHP fascist government and the Turkish state against freedom guerrillas are targeting the achievements, values ​​and future of all the people in Kurdistan. The colonialist Turkish state, which constantly expresses its goals of the National Pact, keeps expressing that its intention is to invade all of Kurdistan.

Having difficulty in confronting the Kurdistan guerrillas, the Turkish army continues to pursue policies of occupation and massacre by employing all dirty methods, betrayal and chemical weapons. Keeping in mind that remaining silent in such a process serves the enemies of the Kurdish people, all Kurds should embrace this resistance nationally, humanely and morally everywhere.

As the KCDK-E, we call on our people in all countries, especially in Berlin to participate in the demonstrations to be held under the motto 'USA, NATO support the massacres of the colonialist Turkish state in Kurdistan! Defend Kurdistan'."