KCDK-E: We call on everyone to support the resistance of the people of Maxmur

Saluting the resistance of the people of Maxmur against the siege, the KCDK-E said: "We call on our people living abroad to be sensitive and to support the people of Maxmur."

The European Kurdistan Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) called on everybody to support the people living in Martyr Rustem Cûdî Refugee Camp in Maxmur, which was besieged by Iraqi forces.

The statement said: “The Turkish state continues to be a threat to the territory of Kurdistan. Maxmur is under siege! On the eve of the elections that will determine the next century of Turkey, the whole region and Kurdistan, the AKP-MHP fascist government continues its attacks following on the line of the Kurdish genocide, together with the reactionary states.

The Martyr Rustem Refugee Camp, which is under the protection of the United Nations, was attacked by the KDP and the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government wants to carry out isolation and genocide by surrounding the Camp with wire fences, and has been threatening and attacking the people of the camp since 20 May.

Besieging the Kurdish people in this way is a sort of reward to dictator Erdogan on the eve of the second round of the Presidential election.

Despite the revolt and reaction of the people, the danger to Maxmur continues. The Barzani family and the Iraqi government, who are deeply attached to the Turkish state, are partners in this dirty plan.

As always, the people of Maxmur are resisting this genocidal attack with their lives as shields. Children, women, young and old people are resisting together with the leadership of the Maxmur People's Assembly.

As KCDK-E, we salute the honorable resistance of the Maxmur people against the genocide, and call on our people living abroad to be sensitive and support the people of Maxmur. We call on everyone to expose the attacks by the Turkish state, the KDP and the reactionary Iraqi regime, wherever you are.

The resistance of the Maxmur people will win.”