KCK co-chairs respond to women's letter on Zînî Wertê

KCK co-chairs, Cemil Bayık and Besê Hozat replied to the letter sent by over hundred women about Zînî Wertê and the need for Kurdish unity.

On 21 May over 150 women politicians, writers and academics sent an open letter to the Kurdish parties and organizations, KCK, KDP and PUK. They underlined the danger of Turkey's occupation ambitions and called for unity.

The co-chairs of the KCK, Cemil Bayık and Besê Hozat replied to the letter and said that it was for them a duty to implement the. The co-chairs thanked the authors of the letter warmly and described it as a "very meaningful and valuable initiative".

War is an expression of patriarchy

In their answer, the co-chairs described the war as an expression of patriarchal attitudes and women as a vanguard of resistance to war: “Kurdish women were always against the war, they even intervened in the tribal struggles trying to establish peace. Because of this historically culture, we firmly believe that the Kurdish parties and politicians will pay attention to the appeal of women.” The KCK added that this call is not only important for the Kurdish parties, but for all of humanity.

Every anti-war initiative is an action against the patriarchy

The women represent the social conscience in the society ruled by the patriarchy, said the KCK co-chairs, adding: “Women know that where there is war, patriarchy is strengthened. Every anti-war campaign is also part of the women's freedom struggle. There is a saying: ‘Truth is the first victim of war’. Where there is war, democracy and freedom are also curtailed. The call to establish the unity of the Kurds with friendship and sincerity is an obligation for us. The Turkish state is attacking the Kurds' demands for freedom and democracy in order to prevent them from building a free and democratic life. The Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurds' achievements. The Turkish state is hostile to women and Kurds.”

Repression in Northern Kurdistan against women followed peace appeal

The KCK co-chairs also drew attention to the fact that “attacks on Kurdish women followed immediately after they called for peace and unity among Kurds. This shows the character of the system clearly. The greatest fear of the Turkish state is the network of solidarity that Kurdish women have built among themselves and with women around the world. For them, it is an obstacle to their murderous colonial policies and to their patriarchal, fascist attitudes. That is why they have targeted women who fight for freedom and democracy. We firmly believe that liberal and democratic women around the world are the comrades and sisters of Kurdish women.

When the women of the world fight together with the Kurdish women against all forms of unjust and dirty war, they bring a free and democratic world without war closer. The fate of the 21st century will be decided by the solidarity and the common struggle of women.”

The statement by the KCK ended with the following remarks: “We understand the call of women as a call to fight together with Kurdish women against the forces that stand up against democracy and freedom in the Middle East and worldwide. We support women's freedom struggles around the world.

Your demands will always be an obligation for us. With this in mind, we declare that we want to continue trying to put the calls for peace and unity among the Kurds into practice and we welcome the struggle of all women for freedom and democracy with the greatest respect.”