KCK condemns ECHR verdict and German government

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency said the ECHR rejecting Öcalan’s appeal is “Europe openly stating that they believe the oppression policies in Imrali are legitimate.”

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency condemned the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) verdict ignoring the torture in Imrali. KCK also mentioned Erdogan’s visit to Germany and said, “Those who greet Erdogan on the red carpet will be burned by humanity’s values of conscience, rights and justice. Those who shake hands with a political leader who is the most fascistic, most immoral and the biggest enemy to Kurds will live this in history.”

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement and offered condolences for the Kurdish people and the family of the young Kurdish man Umit Acar who set himself on fire in Germany last week to protest the isolation imposed upon Öcalan.

The statement said the following on Acar’s protest: “We know Leader Apo doesn’t want such protests for him. But this protest and this martyrdom is clearly a meaningful stance against the strict isolation in Imrali and the ECHR verdict. This protest taking place during Tayyip Erdogan the Enemy of Kurds is visiting Germany is a message for Germany, Europe, the ECHR and the whole world. This self-immolation on the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy becomes part of the resistance YOU CAN’T BLACKEN OUR SUN that started in prisons in 1998 and spread everywhere.”

The KCK statement continued to protest the ECHR verdict: “As we enter the 21st year of the international conspiracy, it has become clear once again with the ECHR rejecting the appeal regarding the oppression in Imrali that Europe and the powers that participated in the international conspiracy have a role in the creation of the Imrali system. Europe has clearly stated that they believe the policies of oppression in Imrali is legitimate. This is a clear expression of collaboration with the isolation and oppression regime in Imrali. Considering Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Germany, it is understood very clearly who supports the fascist government murdering Kurds in Turkey.”


The KCK statement continued: “A young Kurdish man setting himself on fire is essentially a protest against Europe and the international conspiracists. It is a protest against the silence on the oppression and isolation in Imrali. European democracy being a democracy to mask interests and exploitation has been exposed once again. It has been exposed once again during Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Germany that the people and the politicians have no true value or meaning in Europe. Both the German President and the Chancellor Merkel are just veils. The state acts solely in line with the interests of the German bourgeoisie. The German people, intellectuals, artists, politicians, their ideas and will don’t matter. What they call democracy is just a way to mask the exploitation of the colonialist monopolies, and to make capitalism without any humane, moral or conscientious values more palatable for societies. But when values of true humanity, justice and conscience impose themselves, the mask drops. Tayyip Erdogan’s visit and the ECHR verdict have lifted the veil on what kind of a country Germany is.


A young man setting himself on fire in Germany is the burning of such ruthless regimes based on ice cold interests. Those who issued the ECHR verdict and those who greeted Tayyip Erdogan on the red carpet will burn when faced with humanity’s values of conscience, justice and rights. Those who shake hands with a political leader who is the most fascistic, most immoral and the biggest enemy to Kurds will live this in history.

If the ECHR and Germany don’t want to be criminals in history, if they don’t want to keep wounding the conscience of Germany, Europe and all of humanity, they should abandon their current attitude and heed the voice of the conscience of the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey, and their own peoples.

We harshly condemn the ECHR verdict and the German government’s attitude once again. The Kurdish people have fought for 20 years against the conspirators and have paid a great price, they will continue to fight to liberate Leader Apo and achieve the free and democratic life, responding to the world of exploitation and interests in kind.”