KCK message for Eid calls for unity

The KCK wishes all Muslims a happy Eid and calls on the Kurds not to be divided by the Turkish state.

The Peoples and Beliefs Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement on occasion of Eid al-Fitr. The statement draws attention to the importance of Kurdish national unity and calls on the Kurds not to let themselves be divided by the Turkish occupying state.

The statement says: "May this holiday bring peace to the Islamic world and all humanity and be the occasion for building a peaceful and democratic life in prosperity. We wish all Muslims from Kurdistan and all Muslims who include in their prayers the good, true, right and justice for all mankind a happy Eid".

In the countries where Islam is the predominant belief, the peoples live under policies of oppression and violence, the KCK statement continues and stresses that the only way to free oneself from this is to organize and fight with a democratic consciousness.

The KCK committee points out that the fascist regime under Erdoğan and Bahçeli has continued its attacks on the peoples and religious communities in Turkey and Kurdistan also during Ramadan. “It goes so far as to devastate graves of the dead and to send a mother the bones of her son in a box by mail. An Alevi place of worship (Cemevi) was broken into with a battering ram and attacked with gas cartridges. This regime has thus shown that it knows no boundaries in its hostility towards peoples and religious communities.”

In the statement, the KCK committee calls on people to remember the martyrs and visit the cemeteries on this year's holidays more than ever before. It is necessary to show solidarity with the relatives of the martyrs and political prisoners, it notes.

The statement goes on to say: "Another development during this Ramadan was the deployment of the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) troops in Zînê Wertê, which serves the interests of the Turkish state and threatens the democratic unity and free future of the Kurdish people. In the face of this danger, we call on the people, especially in Bashur (South Kurdistan), but also those in other parts of Kurdistan and abroad, to fight in the spirit of a united nation".

KCK ended its statement by calling upon all Kurds to counteract the discord sown by the Turkish state.