KCK: Rojava Revolution will be the foundation of Democratic Syria

“Today, Rojava and Northern Syria is an oasis of stability and peace based on freedom and democracy, not only in Syria but entire Middle East territory”, KCK said.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement marking the 6th anniversary of 19 July Rojava Revolution.

Pointing out that all diversities lead a free and equal co-existence in Rojava, KCK put emphasis on the line of women’s freedom in the Rojava revolution.

Full text of the statement by KCK Executive Council Co-presidency is as follows;

“We celebrate the Rojava Revolution that initiated a new period for the peoples of Kurdistan, Syria and the Middle East in July 2012, and we remember with respect and gratitude thousands of fighters and people who fell as martyrs in this revolution. The revolution they carried out will be carried out in entire Kurdistan and their struggle will be kept going in the Democratic Revolution of the Middle East.


The reality of society and people created by Leader Apo during the 20 years he stayed in Syria and Rojava Kurdistan, has transformed into a social revolution in 2012. With Leader Apo’s line of democratic confederalism and democratic autonomy based on democratic nation and organized democratic society, Rojava Revolution became a model of freedom and democracy for the peoples of the Middle East.

The cantons formed in Rojava and the Federation of Northern Syria have heroically resisted against all inhumane gangs and external attacks with the strength derived from society. Paying a heavy price, they became the assurance of the free and democratic life of all Syrian peoples.


Rojava and Northern Syria Democratic Revolution has once again proved that Turkey is an enemy of not only Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan people, but of all the Kurds and Middle Eastern peoples. Pursuing animosity against Kurds and democratic forces within its own borders, Turkey is the leading enemy of democracy and Kurds in the entire Middle East territory. This reality manifests the importance of the freedom and democracy struggle given against the genocidal colonialist Turkish state for the freedom of the Kurdish people and democratic life of Middle Eastern peoples. In this respect, the freedom and democracy struggle we have been waging in Northern Kurdistan is the freedom and democracy struggle of all Kurdistan and Middle East peoples.


Today, Rojava and Northern Syria is an oasis of stability and peace based on freedom and democracy, not only in Syria but entire Middle East territory. The fraternal co-existence of all folks and beliefs and their joint struggle against external attacks, has changed the destiny of the Middle East, proving that various ethnic and religious communities can lead and fraternal and equal life without conflicts. It has been seen that nationalism and sectarianism is an enemy of all ethnic and religious communities which have been proven to be able to lead a free and bright life with other communities in democracy and equality.


Rojava Revolution’s line of women’s freedom has excited not only Middle Eastern peoples and societies but all the peoples and societies in the world. For this very reason, Rojava Revolution has been defined as a women’s revolution. Rojava Revolution has proved that the level of women’s revolution determines the scope of democracy and freedoms in a country. It has been understood that women’s revolution and freedom amounts to social revolution and social freedom. A new page has opened in the history of freedom and democracy with the perspective of revolution based on women’s liberation. With the Rojava Revolution, the level of freedom and democracy will now be measured with the level of women’s freedom.

Rojava and Northern Syria revolution has shown that democracy can only be achieved when realized with social mentality and values, thus proving Leader Apo’s argument that true democracy will be realized through not the individualism of the West but social values of the Middle East, to be true. Rojava Revolution has revealed a model demonstrating how a democratic revolution and democracy will progress. From now on, those giving a struggle for democracy and free life around the world will take the Rojava Revolution as an example to themselves. Indeed, all the revolutionaries and democrats of the world turn their faces towards Rojava and try to learn and understand the experience made there.


It is clear that the greatness and power of the Rojava Revolution has made the enemies even more aggressive. It has been seen once again that resistance will get more extensive and deeper in line with the advancement and expansion of freedom and democracy. As Rojava Revolution enters its 7th year, it is facing even greater attacks as it has grown stronger and got closer to its goals. The revolution will grow even more successful as long as it bases on organized people and their self-power, as it has been the case up to date, and it will achieve permanent gains by playing a role in the realization of Middle East revolution based on the democratization of Syria.

Trusting that Rojava Revolution will be the foundation of a Democratic Syria, we emphasise that the peoples of the Middle East and our Freedom Movement will always be standing with them, and we wish them outstanding success in their future struggle.”