Kirkuk City Council: Terrorist attacks aim for fitna

The Kirkuk City Council issued a written statement on the series of bomb attacks in the city that took place Thursday night and said the attacks aim to create fitna among the peoples. Sources close to the KDP told Kurds to leave the city.

The tally is getting worse in the six bomb attacks in Sheraa, Qudus and Baghdad avenues in Kirkuk city center. 7 people have lost their lives and 29 have been injured.

Residents of Kirkuk have lined up at hospitals to donate blood for the wounded.

10 cars have been rendered unusable in the square the attacks took place and dozens of shops and homes have suffered damages.

Many blame ISIS for the attacks, but nobody has assumed responsibility yet.

Kirkuk City Council called the incident “terrorist attacks” in the written statement released.

The statament said, “We condemn and convict this attack. This shows how dirty, vile and cowardly the terrorists are as they attack civilian people this sacred Ramadan day. We have increased security precautions in our province and regions within our borders.”

The City Council said the attacks aim to create fitna among the peoples and added that they will defend the peoples of Kirkuk against any and all attacks.

Shortly after the attacks in Kirkuk, some local agencies and websites close to the KDP issued an interesting call. The semi-official PDKNews page on Facebook called on Kurds to leave the city.

Sources close to the KDP started to spread rumors that ISIS attacked Kirkuk, were about to enter the city itself, and that the Iraqi army was attacking Kurds’ homes. The rumors came after the City Council’s “fitna” statement.