KNK diplomacy commission announces events to mark 100th anniversary of Treaty of Lausanne

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) diplomacy commission convened in Brussels announced that they will hold a series of events to mark the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne. The KNK also called for unity against the invasion attacks.

The KNK joint diplomacy commission, which includes 32 parties and institutions from Kurdistan, convened in Brussels on Saturday.

At the meeting, attended by many parties and institutions from South Kurdistan, Rojava, Rojhilat and North Kurdistan, the Turkish state's attacks on South Kurdistan, Shengal and Rojava were strongly condemned, and the importance of taking a common stance against the attacks was underlined once again.

'The invasion plan continues’

PUK representative Darsim Zand said: “This meeting is of great importance. There are representatives of many parties and institutions from 4 parts of Kurdistan here. Decade-long colonialist states' plans to destroy Kurdistan continue today. The duty of patriotism is to oppose them."

"The Turkish state’s target is not just the PKK but all Kurdish gains"

Hikmet Serbilind, chair of the Kurdistan Islamic Party, said that important developments are taking place in the Middle East, and that the Kurdish enemies are once again targeting Kurds. Serbilind said: “The enemies are making a great effort to destroy Kurdish gains. However, the Kurds are today a great force and actors. One thing is missing, though: they are not united. If the Kurds solve their internal problems and have a common strategy, things will be different. Today, it is obligatory for the Kurds to act together and unite."

Mentioning the Turkish state's attacks in South Kurdistan, Berbilind continued: "Turkey says they are attacking to eliminate the PKK presence. They say this is our goal. But, if we look at history, we will see that Sheikh Said was not the PKK, Dersim was not the PKK, the Kurds have always been targeted wherever they gained. Turkey committed genocide. The target of the enemy is the Kurds and their gains.”

'We should take a common action against the enemy'

Speaking on behalf of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Habib İbrahim emphasized that the Kurds should be united and said: “Today, the enemy wants to destroy us as a whole. First of all, we need to move away from harsh and destructive language in television and the press. Our enemy attacks us every day, in Rojava, Shengal and Bashur. But instead of taking a stand against it, we are arguing with each other. If we go on like this, we will lose."

'Turkey is expanding its attacks'

KNK representative Nilüfer Koç underlined that the Turkish state has expanded the area of ​​attack and said: "Today, these attacks have exceeded the PKK and expanded even more. The attacks, which were previously limited to Behdinan, have now been shifted to the PUK region. Attacks on civilians are on the rise. The recent attacks in Çemçemal and Kelar show that the Turkish state will further expand its range of attacks. We must do something. We, as Kurdish movements, must come together and take a decision. Iran will not remain silent here either. This means that South Kurdistan has become a field of fire. Erdogan keeps saying that he wants to add South Kurdistan and Rojava to Turkey by 2023.”

Ehmed Kurda, on behalf of the Kurdistan Justice Party, said: “There is a great attack on the Kurds. Turkey bombards Kurdistan's territory every day. If we Kurds continue to watch, we will be guilty before history. That's why we need to come together and oppose it with one voice."

Turkey wants to play a new role on the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne

KNK Executive Council member Zübeyir Aydar closed the meeting saying that the Kurds had no choice but to unite against the attacks of the Turkish State. He added that on the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, Turkey wanted to create a new border in the region and called on the Kurds to unite and disrupt these plans so that what happened 100 years ago would not be repeated.

In his speech, Aydar said that they will organize a series of events in Switzerland to mark the 99th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, and that they are preparing events for 2023, the 100th anniversary.