KNK: Kurds should unite around common goals

The KNK drew attention to the resistance in Rojhilat and Iran and said: "National unity should be strengthened and all forces should come together around common goals."

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) made a written statement about the uprising in Rojhilat and Iran and said: "Women, Life, Freedom slogan is the sign of a free nation."

The KNK stated that the mass uprising in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran has entered a new phase against the totalitarian and dictatorial regime of Iran and added: “The freedom and democratic struggle of our people shows its determination. The presence of the people in the streets is an indicator of the love for revolution and freedom."

'We should benefit from developments and changes'

The statement also noted: "The slogan Women, life, freedom – Jin Jiyan Azadi - is the symbol of a free society. The resonance of this slogan in Iran and all over the world has brought us Kurds the center of the struggle. On the other hand, the internal and external crises and problems of the Iranian state have created suitable conditions for both the Kurds and the entire Iranian people to get rid of this oppressive and totalitarian regime.

As KNK, we believe that the Kurds should benefit from these developments and changes in the Middle East and especially in the countries occupying Kurdistan. For this, the Kurdish National Union is a vital need. National unity should be strengthened and all forces should be united around common goals.”