KON-MED announces demonstrations throughout Germany to protest Turkey's new invasion attacks

After several days of air and ground attacks, the Turkish army has launched a new invasion of South Kurdistan. The umbrella organization KON-MED announces demonstrations throughout Germany.

The Turkish army has started a new invasion of South Kurdistan (Kurdistan region of Iraq) after several days of air and ground attacks. The occupation attacks, which began on the night between Sunday and Monday, interest the Medya Defense Areas controlled by the guerrilla forces. So far, the region Zap has been affected. KON-MED, the Germany-based umbrella organization of Kurdish associations, said that there will be demonstrations throughout Germany today.

"The Turkish government is trying to drive out the Kurdish population with its war and is striving for a permanent occupation and annexation of the region," explains Zübeyde Zümrüt, co-chair of KON-MED, adding that “Turkey's attacks violate international law and violate Iraq's sovereignty. The scientific service of the Bundestag already determined this during the attacks by Turkey on northern and eastern Syria in 2019.”

During the invasion carried out since April last year in the regions of Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna and during the attack on Gare, the Turkish army also used poison gas in South Kurdistan.

At least 367 such attacks against the Kurdish freedom movement and the population were registered in 2021, in addition to almost daily bombardments. Forty guerrillas lost their lives. Civilians were also affected by the use of banned chemical weapons.

With the recent invasion, the Turkish aggression against South Kurdistan has reached a new level. Other parts of civil infrastructure and the habitat of both people and animals have already been destroyed, and the new attacks are likely to trigger further exodus.

"As the umbrella organization of the Kurds living here in Germany, we strongly condemn these attacks by Turkey and call for an immediate end," explains Engin Sever, also co-chair of KON-MED, adding: "We call on the government of the Federal Republic of Germany to as Turkey's most important partner to end the war."

Demonstrations will be held today in the following cities:

Cologne, Cathedral square, 5:00 p.m

Dusseldorf main station, 5:00 p.m

Bielefeld main station, 5:00 p.m

Dortmund main station, 5:00 p.m

Duisburg main station, 5:00 p.m

Osnabrueck, HBF, 5:00 p.m

Bonn, Münsterplatz, 5:00 p.m

Leipzig, HBF (Willi-Brandt-Platz), 6:00 p.m

Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 2 p.m

Dresden, Albertplatz, 6 p.m

Halle, Marktplatz, 6:00 p.m

Magdeburg main station, 6:00 p.m

Hamburg, Jungfernstieg, 6 p.m

Kassel, Koenigsplatz, 5 p.m

Hanover main station, 6:00 p.m

Kiel main station, 6:00 p.m

Stuttgart, Lautenschlager Str., 3 p.m

Freiburg, Square of the Old Synagogue, 3:00 p.m