KON-MED calls for autonomous status for Êzîdxan

August 3 marks the sixth anniversary of the genocide and femicide of the Yazidi population of Shengal by the ISIS. The Germany-wide umbrella organisation KON-MED calls for participation in action days starting tomorrow.

August 3 marks the sixth anniversary of the genocide against the Yazidis in Shengal (Sinjar). On this day the jihadist terrorist militia ISIS attacked the settlement area of the Yazidi population in Northern Iraq and committed genocide and femicide. It is estimated that 10,000 people were killed. More than 7,000 women and children were abducted, more than 400,000 were displaced from their homes and thousands are still missing today.

The Confederation of the Communities from Kurdistan in Germany (KON-MED) calls on the anniversary of the ISIS raid on Shengal to participate in days of action organized under the motto "Self-determined against Femicide" by the umbrella organization of the Yazidi Women’s Council (Ezidischen Frauenrat). The various actions such as demonstrations, rallies, photo exhibitions and theatre performances are planned in several cities throughout Germany. KON-MED demands an autonomous status for Êzîdxan (Land of the Yazidis) and the recognition of the self-administration and defence structures there as well as the femicide in Shengal. "Only in this way can the international community face up to its historical responsibility towards the Yazidi people. And only an autonomous Êzîdxan can prevent this ancient people from suffering further massacres."

The plan of action for the events planned so far is as follows:

August 1, 2020

Bielefeld: Demonstration, main station, 3 pm

Kleve: Demonstration, Minoritenstraße 2 (next to the railway station), 2 pm

Oldenburg: Demonstration, main station, 2 pm

Bremen: Demonstration, main station, 12 o'clock

August 2, 2020

Berlin: Photo exhibition and seminar, Quitzowstraße 103, 4 pm

3 August 2020

Saarbrucken: Rally, Europa Galerie, 6 pm

Berlin: Rally, Platz der Republik 1, 2 pm

Achim: Information tent in the city centre, 3 pm

Münster: Rally, central station, 6 pm

Wesel: Rally, Am Berliner Tor, 5.30 pm

Nuremberg: Rally, Kornmarkt, 6 pm

Celle: Varied programme, Triftpark, 5 pm

Hamburg: rally, Sievekingplatz 2 (in front of the OLG Hamburg), 9 to 11 am

The International Women's Alliance of Hamburg has announced a rally on the occasion of the International Day of Action on August 3 at the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg. On Monday, the second day of the trial against ISIS returnee Elina F. will take place there.