Kurdish man who set himself on fire remains in critical condition

The conditions of Ali Wazir remain critical. The Rojava man set himself on fire to protest the silence of the UN and international institutions against Turkish invasion and genocide attacks.

Ali Wazir remains in serious condition after setting himself on fire in front of the UN main building in Geneva. 

Ali Wazir was taken to the emergency unit of the Central Hospital of Lausanne by helicopter after the intervention of Geneva Police. The hospital doctors told ANF about the condition of Wazir. The doctors confirmed that the man is in intensive care despite his surgery and is in serious condition.

Wazir has 84 percent of his body burned and the doctors said he needs to spend the next 48 hours under control.

While Wazir's family and friends were waiting in front of the hospital, the people living in Lausanne and Geneva organised a solidarity action with Wazir in front of the hospital.

Dozens of Kurds gathered in front of the hospital with photographs of Wazir and civilians massacred in North-East Syria by the Turkish state.