Kurdish activists enforce meeting with OHCHR in Geneva

Activists of the Kurdish youth movement protested at the OHCHR office in Geneva. With their protest, they were able to secure a promise of a meeting with those responsible.

Activists from the Revolutionary Youth Movement (TCŞ) and the Movement of Combative Young Women (TekoJIN) occupied the entrance of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva on Thursday morning. They protested against the international silence on the Turkish chemical weapons use against the guerrillas in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and the attacks on Rojava. The activists demanded a meeting with those responsible and declared that they would not leave until talks took place. During the action, the activists shouted slogans such as "Long live the resistance of Rojava", "Stop using chemical weapons" and "UN, do your job".

After a while, OHCHR representatives contacted the activists, who criticised them: "You see the war in Kurdistan every day and remain silent. Chemical weapons are used continuously. People and organisations who speak out against these attacks in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan are persecuted and arrested. The imprisonment of the President of the Medical Association, Şebnem Korur Fincancı, immediately after her demand for an independent investigation into chemical weapons use is proof of this."

After the meeting with the UN representatives, who did not want to be named, the activists moved in front of the UN building and made a statement. It was announced that a meeting between the activists and the UNHCR commission was scheduled for 6pm.