Kurdish MPs submit proposal to Iranian Parliament for Kolbars

Rojhilati MPs showed support for the boycott launched against Iran banning border trade and kolbars. The MPs submitted a proposal and said, “If the demands are not met, we will resign.”

The shopkeepers’ and small businesses boycott that started in Bane and Ciwanro in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) and spread to various cities as Iran banned border trade and kolbars has entered day 22. Rojhilati MPs also showed support for the boycott. 15 Kurdish MPs in the Iranian Parliament submitted a proposal yesterday and also announced that they will resign en masse if the demands are not met.


Mahabad MP Mahmud Salihi held a press statement on the proposal and said that close to 7 million people owe their livelihood to border trade and kolbars. Salihi said: “The restrictions imposed upon kolbars and the halting of border trade has caused financial troubles among our people.”

Salihi said they invited President Hassan Rouhani to the Parliament to make a statement on the issue and announced that they will resign if their demands are not met.