Kurdish Solidarity Network holds online meeting about current situation in Kurdistan

The Kurdish Solidarity Network on Friday will hold an online meeting about the current situation in Kurdistan.

An online meeting will take place on Friday to discuss the current situation in Kurdistan. 

The Kurdish Solidarity Network said, presenting the meeting: "The fascist Turkish state escalated the omnipresent war against the Kurds with the airstrikes on Rojava and Başur (Southern Kurdistan) and took its attacks against the revolution in Kurdistan to a new level.

The Iranian military has also invaded towns in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) since Sunday, intensifying its cruel repression against the women's revolution in Iran and Kurdistan. The Iranian regime is bombing the positions of Kurdish forces in Southern Kurdistan and in the mountains, the Turkish fascist state is committing serious war crimes and continuing chemical attacks against the guerrillas."

The meeting will be discussing "how do we evaluate the current attacks? What are the backgrounds? And above all, what can we do as internationalists worldwide and especially in the Isles, for the defense of the revolution? How can we give a determined expression to our protest and break the silence about the war of aggression in Kurdistan?"

The zoom link to the meeting (at 6.30pm UCT) is:


Find out more: https://defend-kurdistan.com/

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