Kurdish umbrella organisations: Nobody must be abandoned

"We must maintain a social approach to the Corona pandemic that is based on solidarity and rules," warn the KCDK-E and TJK-E and call for the time to be used for education.

The Europe-wide umbrella organisations TJK-E (Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe) and KCDK-E (Congress of the Kurdish Democratic Societies in Europe) have issued a written statement on the Corona pandemic. The statement begins by pointing out the ever-increasing danger posed by the virus. It goes on to say:

"As fighting people and individuals who have an awareness of an ecological society, we must play our role in this deadly time and deal responsibly with the rules that have been established for days.

In various European countries, people from our folk have also been infected with the virus, some of them have died. The Health Committee of the KCDK-E has provided the necessary information on this subject. Our people must not under any circumstances carry out social activities such as funerals, birthdays or weddings during this period. We must be aware that events of this kind are a great risk.

People's health is more valuable and important than anything else. We call on our people, our friends and all peoples to not allow and not participate in events of this kind.

We must maintain a social approach to the Corona pandemic based on solidarity and rules. We must all be aware that we are not only responsible for ourselves but also for the people around us. We must not take the pandemic lightly and must take care of our own and our fellow human beings' health. This is the only way to fight the pandemic and secure our future.

Do not listen to unsubstantiated rumours about treatment methods and similar advice. Let us protect our health by taking into account the information provided by the KCDK-E Health Committee.

Currently many families spend their time at home. This time should be used properly. Especially the way parents treat their children is of great importance. This time should be seen as a process of education. It should be a time in which the parents deal intensively with their children.

Let us also keep in touch with all parts of society by telephone and ask about their health and possible needs. No one should be abandoned.

As Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] says, ‘The foundation, existence and freedom of a society that cannot protect its health with its own means are threatened or already completely lost.”