Kurds attend Invasion Day demonstration in solidarity with Aboriginals

Kurds attended the Invasion Day demonstration in Australia with the Aboriginal flag and their own green, red and yellow flag.

The Australian national day is for the Indigenous people seen as Invasion Day or Survival Day. In Sydney, Kurds attended the demonstration with the Aboriginal flag and their own green, red and yellow flag.

26 January is officially celebrated as Australia Day, Indigenous people celebrate the date as Invasion Day, commemorating the start of British colonization in 1788 with the arrival of a British fleet carrying convicts 235 years ago.

For many people, Australia's national day is not a day of celebration, but a reminder of the massacres, dispossession and ongoing racism and discrimination faced by First Nations people, who are now a three percent minority in their own country. In response, large invasion day demonstrations are taking place across the country, with large-scale participation from various communities, including the Kurdish community.

As Medya News reported, Kurds took part in the demonstration in Sydney, on Gadigal Aboriginal land. Ismet, Rabia and Baran, Kurdish residents, expressed their empathy and solidarity with the Indigenous peoples with the Aboriginal flag and their own green-red-yellow flag. "As Kurds, we understand the pain that comes with occupation, dispossession and racism," Rabia said. "It is important that all colonized peoples unite in their struggles for liberation," Baran added.