Kurds protest against Turkish chemical attacks in front of the European Commission

Kurds and their friends living in Belgium protested the Turkish chemical attacks against the guerrillas and civilians outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. Protestors have submitted a file to the commission.

A demonstration was staged in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Tuesday in protest at the chemical attacks against the guerrilla forces in Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where the invading Turkish state has been carrying out an invasion operation since mid-April.

Slogans condemning the Turkish state and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were chanted during the action staged in the European neighbourhood where the headquarters of the European Parliament, Council and Commission are located.

The activists gathered in Schuman Square next to the European Commission chanting slogans such as "Killer Erdogan", "Fascist Erdogan", "Dictator Erdogan", "political solution to Kurdistan", "halt the Kurdish massacre". The protestors displayed banners criticising the use of chemical weapons and some of them wore white coats symbolizing chemical attacks.

The Belgian Democratic Kurdistan Communities Council (NAV-BEL) which organized the demonstration submitted a file to the European Commission containing information on the chemical attacks of the Turkish state and the demands of the protestors.

The file submitted to the Commission included the following:

“We call on all member states of the UN and the EU to take a clear stance against the invasion of South Kurdistan and the war launched by the Turkish state. If this war is not halted, it will further destabilize the entire region.

We especially call on the international community, human rights organizations, civil society and the international media outlets to raise their voices against this dirty war. This would mean a stand against this war of destruction and genocide waged by the Turkish government against the Kurdish people, the Freedom Guerrillas and the nature of Kurdistan.

We urge all governments and international organizations, including the UN, NATO, EU, Council of Europe and the Arab League, to take urgent action against this violation of international law, to urge the Turkish army to withdraw its troops from South Kurdistan and to stop all arms exports to Turkey.

We call on political parties, human rights and peace organizations, trade unionists and activists to oppose this aggression and occupation by Turkey.

We must break the silence and step into action against the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan!”

Similar demands were expressed in a statement made during the action. “The silence and indifference of the international community concerning Turkish crimes in Kurdistan are causing heavy losses each day,” the protestors said.

The statement expressed concern over the continuous use of chemical weapons and toxic gases in the Kurdistan region of Iraq by the Turkish army.