Kurds protest Turkey’s attacks on Kurdistan across Germany

Demonstrations in protest at the Turkish regime’s genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people in various parts of Kurdistan continue all around the world.

Kurds have taken to the streets across Germany today to protest against the Turkish state’s increasingly ongoing genocidal attacks and occupation attempts in South Kurdistan.


The demonstration organised by the Kurds in Dusseldorf city was also joined by the Kurdistan Youth Movement, AGIF (Federation of Migrant Workers in Germany), Frauen Kollektiv, Komünistische Frauen, Defend Rojava, Antifa International, Assyrian-Syriac Movement, Internationale Jugend and Mesopotamian Union of Faiths.

Before the launch of the protest march from the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) office, MED Federation co-president Engin Seven addressed the crowd in the name of the Kurdish Community Centers in NRW state. Seven denounced the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks against Rojava and entire Kurdistan territory as part of its all-out war against the Kurdish people.

Putting emphasis on the importance of resistance, Seven recalled the resistance mounted by the Kurdish people in the struggle for freedom for the past 40 years and condemned the international silence on Turkey’s attacks.

Speaking in the name of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Germany, Yıldız Filimci said that the Turkish state was encouraged by the international powers as it brutally attacked the Kurdish people and their lands. “We have no choice but to resist fascism,” she said.

As many as two thousand people joined the protest march which ended in front of the WDR building.



Demonstrators who took to the streets in the Hamburg city protested against Turkey’s attacks on Medya Defense Zones, Shengal and Maxmur and the repression against the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party).

Leyla Kaya on behalf of the Rojbin Women’s Council stressed that the Kurdish people will never bow to the policies of repression and annihilation.

Representatives of AGİF, ATİK and Anti-Fascism expressed their solidarity with the Kurdish people. the demonstration was also supported by Hamburg Left Party and St. Pauli fans.


Kurds and their friends protested Turkey’s attacks in the Kiel city where Kiel Flensburg, Schleswig, AntiFa and Rojava Initiative joined the demonstration at the Bremer Platz.


Democratic Forces Union promoted a demonstration in Frankfurt where a rally was held at Hauptwache.

ATİK, New Women, Fridays for Future, German left-wing organizations as well as Kurds living in the cities of Münsheim, Offenbach, Hanau Mainz and Darmstadt joined the demonstration where a call was issued to boycott Turkish tourism and goods.


The Democratic Kurdish Community Center and Sara Women’s Association organised a demonstration in the Munich city where the crowd protested against Turkey’s attacks and denounced the silence of the international community.


Another demonstration was organised by the Socialist Democratic Students Union (SDS) in the city of Bayreuth. Kurdish and German students joined the demonstration at the Neptunbrunnen Square. A press statement made here underlined that the Turkish army was bombing Kurdish lands on fascist Erdoğan’s orders. Demonstrators also stated that the German state was becoming an accomplice in the Turkish state’s genocidal war against the Kurdish people with its support and arms trade with Turkey for many years.


German groups also joined the demonstration organised by the Kurds in the city of Osnabrück in protest at Turkey’s attacks across Kurdistan.


A protest march was organised by Berçem Women’s Council in the city of Giessen. The march was followed by a rally where Turkey’s attacks and civilian massacres were protested and a call was issued for Kurdish national unity. Demonstrators condemned the international silence on Turkey’s attacks against the Kurds.