Kurds sued despite being victims of racist and police attacks

Following the Turkish state's invasion of North-East Syria on 9 October, provocation and attacks were carried out by pro-AKP Turkish racists in Germany during the demos organised by Kurds. 

Turkish racists attempts to lynch and attack the Kurds were experienced especially in the city of Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

On 14 and 21 October during the protest march by Kurds and their friends, Turkish racists attacked the demonstrators in front of the police. In fact, the home of a Kurdish activist who hung the YPG flag on the window of his house was set on fire.

Following the violence in Herne, the homes of 4 Kurdish people were raided by Bochum prosecutor's office. After breaking down the door of one of the houses, the police searched the members of the family. It was learned that a Kurd who was exposed to violence by the police was 80 percent disabled, but the police handcuffed him after holding him by the neck.

After the raids, Kurdish people told ANF that they would bring the violence of the police to court. Stating that they would make a criminal complaint against the police through their lawyers, the Kurdish people said that they could not understand why their houses were raided.

The Bochum Prosecutor and the Herne Police Department reported that the raids were linked to  violent incidents between Turks and Kurds. The prosecutor added that investigations have been opened against a total of 10 people.