Lausanne Municipality approves second tranche of aid for earthquake victims

The proposal of the Lausanne Municipal Committee member, Sevgi Koyuncu, on the reconstruction of earthquake zones was accepted. Lausanne Municipality, which donated 80,000 Francs before, will continue to provide assistance for earthquake victims.

European solidarity with the victims of the earthquake that hit Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria on 6 February, continues. Lausanne Municipality, which delivered 80 thousand francs to Heyva Sor a Kurdistan and Medair aid for the victims of the earthquake, will continue to provide assistance with a new decision taken this week.

Lausanne City Council discussed Sevgi Koyuncu's proposal for the reconstruction of earthquake zones. Koyuncu, demanded that the Lausanne City Council and the Lausanne Municipality administration, in partnership with other municipalities in Switzerland, participate in the reconstruction of earthquake zones. Speaking about the proposal, Koyuncu said that thousands of people's houses were destroyed and tens of thousands of people died. Noting that the Turkish state did not provide adequate assistance to earthquake victims, Koyuncu added that it is also important for the aid to reach the resisting people.

After the speeches, the voting took place. The proposal, which received the support of most of the council members, was accepted.

Koyuncu shared this post on social media: “The city of Lausanne donated 80 thousand Francs in the first week of the earthquake. The proposal I presented was accepted by a majority of votes.”