Let's join Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan World Day on 10 October!

The Freedom for Öcalan Initiative invited “everyone to develop active actions and activities around the world and join the activities carried out for 10 October, Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan World Day.

In a written statement, the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative called on everyone to join the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan World Day.

The Freedom for Öcalan Initiative said: "We invited all people from Kurdistan, Turkey and the democratic forces from countries around the world, to join the actions on 10 October and to organised actions and activities to demand freedom for Öcalan.”

The statement added. “The fascist government of the AKP-MHP is both regionalizing and globalizing instability by intervening in Kurdistan, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the European continent through various political, diplomatic and military methods. In this way, it aims to overcome the nation-state crisis it is deeply experiencing and spreading fascism and occupations.”

The statement continued: “The Kurdish people have denounced that the 21-year long isolation against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan is a violation of international law on torture, and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, the CPT, confirmed that the current isolation is torture. The starting point for peace in Kurdistan and Turkey will be the abolition of isolation in Imrali. Because the war was declared first against Imrali.

For this reason, we invite all institutions, intellectuals, individuals and organizations that support peace, democracy, justice and freedom to participate actively to the 10 October Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan World Day.”