Macron offers condolences for Manbij

ISIS claimed responsibility for Wednesday's suicide attack in Manbij which killed 15 people including 4 US soldiers and left 18 people wounded.

French President Emmanuel Macron issued a message about Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Manbij.

The message issued on the Elysée Palace’s official website included the following:

“My thoughts are with the victims of the terrorist attack in Manbij. They gave their lives to protect our freedom. In these painful hours, France stands by her ally, the United States, determined to fight ISIS to the end.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the suicide attack in front of the Qasir Al-Umaraa restaurant in Sindis street in the city center that occurred at 12:38 on Wednesday. 15 people including 4 US soldiers lost their lives in the attack and 18 people were wounded. 9 of the people who lost their lives were civilians.