March from National Unity from Lausanne to Geneva on 5-6 December

Representatives of 4 different Kurdistan institutions and parties gathered in Lausanne and announced that they will organize a national unity march from Lausanne to Geneva on 5-6 December.

Representatives of Kurdish political parties and institutions gathered in Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss the issue of Kurdish national unity.

KNK, KCDK-E, PUK, PYD, Goran and PJAK, as well as a large number of representatives of political parties and institutions attended the meeting at the Lausanne Kurdish Community Center. The meeting focused on the developments in the four parts of Kurdistan, and particularly in Rojava, and emphasized the importance of achieving Kurdish national unity at this critical stage.

The meeting announced that a national unity march from Lausanne to Geneva will be held on December 5-6 to draw attention to what is happening in the four parts of Kurdistan.

Koç: We will be in Lusanne for national unity

Speaking at the meeting, KCDK-E co-chair, Yüksel Koç, said that the Kurds are facing a serious genocide and added: "As Kurds, our presence is more threatened than ever. In Rojhilat, the Iranian regime is killing Kurds, taking advantage of the lack of unity among Kurds. We are ready to do whatever we have to do, and call on all parties to take responsibility for national unity."

Koç continued: "If we are united, the 21st century will be the Kurdistan century. We are organising a long march from Lausanne to Geneva on December 5 and 6. We invite you to join this march, which will include dozens of different Kurdish party institutions."

Şêxanî: PUK will be at the march

Bextiyar Şêxanî, who spoke on behalf of PUK, stated that they came together for the unity of Kurds and invited all intellectuals to march on 5 and 6 December. Indicating that the march is important for the unity of the Kurds Şêxani said: "We will take our place in this march as PUK. Today is the day of unity against the attacks."

Goran call on all Kurds to join the march

Goran representative Hesen Mihemed Riza said that the meeting was important and that they would participate in the march in Lausanne. Saying that this march is an important effort for the unity of Kurds, Riza added that all Kurdish groups should join the march.

In the speeches made on behalf of the representatives of PYD, PJAK and KNK, attention was paid to the importance of ensuring Kurdish national unity and a call for participation in the Lausanne-Geneva march was issue.

Lausanne-Geneva march

The Lausanne-Geneva Kurdish National Unity March will begin at 12 pm. The meeting point is the Palais de Rumine building, where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed on 24 July 1923..

This is the treaty which sanctioned the division of Kurdistan into four parts. Over 100 representatives of Kurdish political parties and institutions, as well as dozens of Kurdish artists, will join the march.

Concert for national unity 

On the first day of the march, activists will arrive in the city of Renens and will hold a press conference at Place de Marché. The press conference will be followed by a seminar on the theme of the Kurdish National Unity and a Kurdish concert. Many Kurdish artists are expected to attend the concert.

Talks with UN representatives

The two-day walk will end on 6 December in front of the United Nations Office in Geneva. During the march, a series of talks with UN representatives and Swiss politicians will be held to discuss the latest developments in Kurdistan.