March in Stuttgart for Peace Day and against trustees

An event to mark 1 September World Peace Day was held in Stuttgart. The event was an opportunity to protest the AKP-MHP seizure of the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Van.

An information tent was put up to tell people about what is going on in Kurdistan and Turkey, especially after the appointment of trustees to the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Van. 

The 1 September event was organised and joined by AHDK, AGIF, Alteri, Arabische Vereinung, ATIK, Dersim Building Congress, Dersim Anti-Genocide Association, FCK, COURAGE STUTTGART, HDK Stuttgart, Initiative für Völkerfreundschaft und gegen Abschiebungen, Marash Initiative, MLPD, Struggle Union, Partarit, SL International, SKB, SYKP, TJK-E, and Ungweltgewerkschaft.

The march began in Staufenbergplatz and ended at Schlossplatz. Activists chanted slogans in support of Rojava and to condemn the trustees appointment.