Mardin Medical Chamber's report: Insufficient response to fire, no burn unit

Mardin Medical Chamber shared with the public the preliminary investigation report it prepared regarding the fire that killed 15 people and caused great destruction.

The fire that broke out between Şemrex (Mazıdağı) and Xana Axpar (Çınar) districts of Amed on the night of 20 June, killed 15 people, and injured 74. In addition, more than 1500 small cattle died and more than 50 thousand decares of land were affected by the fire.

Mardin Medical Chamber shared with the public the preliminary investigation report it prepared regarding the fire. The report emphasized that land intervention was insufficient because the fire occurred at night and access to some settlements was difficult. The report said: "It was thought that not responding to the fire from the air caused the losses to increase."

Lack of burns treatment unit and referral problems

The report stated that a sufficient number of medical personnel were dispatched to the region after the fire, but since there was no burn treatment unit in Mardin, many patients had to be referred to surrounding provinces. The report added: "It is thought that this situation may lead to an increase in losses experienced in a situation that requires urgent intervention, such as a burn."

Precautions to be taken for public health

The report noted that post-fire cooling efforts were inadequate and that this situation created new fire risks, and warned that fine particles in fire smoke could cause serious and permanent health problems. The report stated that those with chronic lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, the elderly, children, pregnant women and diabetics are at greater risk. The report added: "For these reasons, it was deemed important to conduct studies on the aspects of the fire that concern public health."

Long-term studies and legal process

The report pointed out that short and long-term studies should be carried out in the areas affected by the fire, and included initial information that the fire started from electrical wires and spread rapidly under the influence of the wind. Those responsible for traumatic events should be identified, and the legal process should be carried out fairly. The report stated: "In addition, meeting basic vital needs and quickly returning to daily routines is important for the recovery of trauma. It was emphasized that it was important to establish a crisis desk and declare the region a disaster area in order to quickly eliminate the grievances experienced.

Information to the media and public

The report underlined that sensitive images about the fire should not be shared, and fire news should be given with care. It was emphasized that people responding to fires lost their lives or were injured due to lack of experience and knowledge, and that it is important to inform and train the public to counter such situations. It further stated that disasters can be prevented from reaching large dimensions with appropriate measures and intervention.

The Mardin Medical Chamber said that they will closely follow the situation and are ready to work together with public, private institutions and civil society organizations.