Martyrs of Rojava remembered in Leipzig

In the scope of the action days of the Riseup4Rojava campaign, pictures of internationalists who died in Rojava were placarded in Leipzig.

People participated in the action days of the Riseup4Rojava campaign worldwide last weekend. In Leipzig pictures of internationalists were placarded.

The "Kurdish Youth Leipzig" who took action in this scope, stated that:

"We used the action days for Rojava to commemorate the internationalists who fell in Rojava. We have chosen only a few, but these have already appeared in the German media landscape. We wanted to trigger a recognition effect. The photos were added slogans to draw attention to the fact that the comrades fought not only for the freedom and peace of the Kurds and other local communities on the ground, but also for the interests of all humanity. They recognized that the fight against ISIS and the women's revolution is also a prospect for a better and more emancipated society for us in Europe. We've glued the pictures and posters to several streetcar junctions and larger public squares in the east of Leipzig so that they can be seen in public life by as many people as possible. "