Massive rally in Berlin: Rojava is not alone

Kurds and their friends have been taking to the streets in Kurdistan, Europe and all around the world to protest the Turkish state’s genocidal military campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Thousands of people have joined a massive rally in German capital city Berlin on Saturday in protest at the Turkish incursion into northern Syria. The gathered at the Potsdamer Platz to join the protest march organised by the Society of Free Kurdistan People in Berlin.

YPJ Spokeswoman and SDF commander Nesrin Abdullah who addressed the crowd on phone, said that; "As fighters and as peoples of the region, we are waging a struggle for existence. The Turkish state has been attacking for eleven days with all its might. The people and our fighters are mounting a heroic resistance. The Syrian Democratic Forces resist and will continue to do so. We do not renounce our freedom. We are being imposed betrayal, which we will never accept. He who betrays loses. We betray neither our people nor our friends and humanity. Our people in Europe must stand up day and night. We did not fall in Kobanê, we will not fall now either. Erdoğan's goals will not be realized."

Speaking after, MEP Martina Michels said; “We do not accept this attacks and we are determined on this. We have three conditions for Rojava; to stop the war, to stop the arms sale to Erdoğan and to recognize the status of Rojava.”

The German politician defined the Trump-Erdoğan deal as an agreement to legalize ISIS and Turkish invasion. She also criticised Europe for failing to clearly oppose the Turkish incursion; “There is insincerity with regard to the Turkish attacks as it always has been. Erdoğan wants to cover up his failure with war. Erdoğan and ISIS should be tried at international court.”

German Left Party Die Linke MP Hakan Taş also attended the rally and made a speech in which he stressed that; “We will prove that Rojava is not alone.”

After the opening rally at Potsdamer Platz, the march to the Brandenburg Gate has begun.