Memorial for Italian internationalist Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti)

Italian internationalist Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti), fell a martyr in Baghouz while fighting against ISIS, four years ago. A memorial was held in Florence.

Italian internationalist Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti) fell as a martyr on 19 March 2019 during the Baghouz Campaign, the last battle in the war against ISIS. The internationalist was commemorated with an event held in Florence, his hometown.

Orsetti's family, as well as many comrades and friends attended the memorial. Alessandro Orsetti, the father of martyr Piling, and Yılmaz Orkan, from UIKI (Kurdistan Information Office in Italy), spoke about the life and struggle of the martyr.

The speakers underlined Tekoşer Piling's internationalist and generous struggle and said that this struggle will be expanded in Europe and stronger efforts will be carried out against fascism for the construction of Democratic Confederalism.