Mızraklı refuses to sign the instruction on his removal from post

Amed Co-mayor Selçuk Mızraklı has refused to sign the instruction on his removal from post, calling it “dishonor”. He said; “We are all going through a test of conscience and morality”.

Like the metropolitan municipalities of Van and Mardin, the metropolitan municipality of Amed (Diyarbakır) remains under police blockade after Turkish Interior Ministry announced removing the elected co-mayors of the three municipalities from post.

Police forces have encircled the Amed Municipality building with barriers and closed off all the entry and exit points. The siege that began at midnight continued with a raid at 6 am this morning. A number of police forces have been deployed in several locations across the city, as well as outside the district municipalities of Sur, Kayapınar and Yenişehir.

As the search in the building continued, co-mayor Mızraklı, HDP deputies, city councilors and party members arrived at the municipality.

While HDP people were not allowed to enter the building, Mızraklı was allowed in only to be accompanied by the Deputy Governor of Diyarbakır after a long while.
Following an examination in the municipality, Mızraklı made a statement to the press in front of the building.

Mızraklı said the following; “The values of democracy have been torn down in Turkey again in terms of the regime of law, the concept of justice and will of people. 
We are informed that we have been removed from post by a midnight order of the Interior Ministry that ignores the will of voters revealed on March 31 and imposes the central authority on the opposition.”

Mızraklı said he refused to sign the instruction regarding his removal, saying; “In the name of the people who entrusted their will to my person, I would call signing this document dishonor. I cannot accept this procedure within the scope of the norms of law.”
According to Mızraklı, the dismissal of Amed, Van and Mardin co-mayors and appointment of trustees in their place indicate a new period for Turkey.

Describing August 19 as an “earthquake” for the politics and democracy in Turkey, Mızraklı said; “We will continue to increase our opposition against these acts within the framework of law and democracy that we rely on. Those appointed in the place of dismissed administrators will not be representing the will of the people. No system to be built by those appointed will have legitimacy in the eye of the people.”

Speaking after, HDP MP Musa Farisoğulları commented the seizure of municipalities as an “occupation” and called upon the people and democratic forces not to remain silent on this. If silence prevails, the turn of Istanbul, Ankara and Adana will also come. Our people should reclaim their will.”