New air strike leaves 26 ISIS members dead

The air strike was carried out near the Iraqi border.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported that an air strike against ISIS was launched near the border of Susa not far from the Iraqi border.

The Observatory said they did not know whether the air strike had been launched by the Iraqi air force or by the international coalition.

What the Observatory confirmed was that at least 26 mercenaries were killed in the attack, while in the previous balance it spoke of 28 civilians.

On the other hand, Frédéric Parisot, representing France in the anti-ISIS international coalition, said that the mercenaries will be expelled from the areas controlled by the coalition.

"There are two small areas left - he said - and I can easily say that in a few weeks ISIS will not control any land in our operation area”.

Parisot added: "The best estimate is that the conflicts in the middle Euphrates will probably be over by the end of the summer”.