New document: 13 municipalities at risk of being seized!

Two new documents bearing the signature of the Ministry of Interior have emerged. They target the HDP municipalities. Lawyer Sertaç Buluttekin said: "They are preparing the ground to appoint new trustees."

On 19 August, the Ministry of Interior ordered the dismissal of the HDP mayors of Amed, Van and Mardin metropolitan municipalities. New documents bearing the signature of the Ministry have now been leaked.

Sertaç Buluttekin, a lawyer from the Amed Bar Association, shared the instructions prepared by the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior on his Twitter account.

According to Mesopotamia Agency, Buluttekin said: "This letter was requested by the Ministry of Interior."

The letter is dated 9 August and was sent to the Governorship of Diyarbakir. It reads: "I would like to ask you the general information about the people mentioned in the attached table and send it to our Ministry by 16-08-2019."

Another document, dated 16 August, is titled "Judicial Proceedings from the Governorships". In this document, there are information about the mayors of Bismil, Çınar, Dicle, Eğil, Ergani, Hazro, Kayapınar, Kocaköy, Kulp, Lice, Silvan, Sur ve Yenişehir, in the province of Amed. All districts mentioned are run by the HDP.

Lawyer Sertaç Buluttekin said that Sur Municipality co-mayor Filiz Buluttekin is his client, and added that "the General Directorate of Provincial Administration is carryng out the work on behalf of the Ministry of Interior. They are looking at whether there are lawsuits and investigations against the mayors. We believe that they are preparing to appoint new trustees."