New group takes over the 'Freedom for Öcalan' Vigil in Strasbourg

The vigil for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, which has been carried out in Strasbourg, France since 2012, was taken over by a group from Bordeaux in its new week.

The Freedom for Öcalan Vigil launched by the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative on 25 June 2012 in Strasbourg, to demand freedom of the Kurdish People's Leader and an end to the isolation imposed on him, continues with a new group of activists.

The vigil is taking place in front of the CPT because the committee has a central function in controlling prison conditions on Imrali and only performs this to a very limited extent. For almost three years there has been no sign of life from Öcalan, who has been imprisoned in Imrali since 1999.

Engin Sezen, Hasan Kartal and Yusuf Erdem, three patriots from the Bordeaux region of France, took over the vigil in its 605th week.

Group spokesperson Engin Sezen stated that they reject isolation and saluted the hunger strikes in prisons and the resistance in Kurdistan and the rest of the world against the isolation of Öcalan.

Sezen called on the Kurdish people to show awareness and take action everywhere they are.