Newroz celebrations in many cities of Europe

Kurds and their friends celebrated Newroz in many cities of Europe.

Kurds and their friends celebrated Newroz in many cities of Europe. Donations for the victims of the earthquake were collected at Heyva Sor and Roja Sor stands. 


Kurds and their friends gathered in Strasbourg to celebrate Newroz. The celebration started with a minute's silence for the martyrs of the Kurdistan revolution. After the reading of the KCK's Newroz message, politician Faysal Sarıyıldız made a speech. Sarıyıldız said that Newroz means resistance for the Kurds from Kawa to the struggle of today’s Kurdish Freedom Movement, and added that the fire lit by contemporary Kawa and Mazlum will lead to victory.

Talking about the total isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Sarıyıldız said that it is not possible to solve the Kurdish question without the end of the isolation, and that the address for the solution is actually Abdullah Öcalan.

Pointing out that the Turkish state did not provide the necessary assistance to the earthquake victims after the Maraş-centered earthquake, Faysal Sarıyıldız stated that the Turkish state turned the earthquake into an opportunity to depopulate Kurdistan.

After the speeches, Serhado, Beser Şahin and Sidar Amed took the stage.


Hundreds of Kurds and their friends celebrated Newroz in Lubeck. The celebration was held in the Wiesental am Schaluppenweg area of the city. Artists Saîd Dêrik, Baran Agir, Tewfîk Goyî, Hejal Elanî and Îdrîs Bêrtî took to the stage.


Thousands of Kurds celebrated Newroz in the Dutch city of Rijswijk. Kongra Gel co-chair Remzi Kartal underlined the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom and said: "The Kurds have been fighting for centuries. This struggle is a struggle for freedom and justice. The Kurdish people will win this struggle."


Hundreds of Kurds living in Cyprus came together in the village of Alassa in Limassol and celebrated Newroz.

The event, organized by the Culture and Art Committee of the Kurdish People's Assembly of Cyprus, was attended by members of the Kurdish People's Solidarity Commission, deputies, and the internationalist youth movement in Cyprus.


Newroz was celebrated in Marburg. The celebration was held at Bürgerhaus Cappel-Marburg and started with a minute's silence in memory of the Kurdistan Revolution Martyrs. The SPD mayor of Marburg, Dr. Thomas Spies, Hennig Köster from Die Linke, NAV-DEM representatives attended as speakers.


Newroz was celebrated in Turin. Politician Lezgin Botan said: "The election to be held on 14 May in Turkey will be the beginning of a very important process for the Kurdish people. This Newroz is dedicated to the freedom of Leader Apo.”