Newroz to be celebrated in 6 Italian cities

The Italian Kurdistan Information Office called on the Kurdish community affected by the earthquake tragedy to gather around the Newroz celebrations to be held in 6 cities of the country.

Actions will be held in the Italian cities of Rome, Bologna, Parma, Rovigo, Turin and Pisa to celebrate Newroz. The Italian Kurdistan Information Office (UIKI), called for strong participation in the Newroz events organized to give hope to all oppressed peoples, and said: “We invite everyone to gather around the Kurdish community affected by the earthquake and to give financial support to Heyva Sor a Kurdistan, which works tirelessly in all earthquake-affected regions in Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria."

The statement by UIKI added: “Today, the Kurdish people are living through one of the most tragic periods in their history. A terrible earthquake struck Kurdistan as the Turkish state ruthlessly continued its war against the Kurdish people in Rojava, Bakur, Shengal and the free mountains of Bashur, while the Iranian state sentenced thousands of Kurds to death and hanged them in Rojhilat.

More than 50,000 people have lost their lives so far because of the earthquake, but this is a partial balance. Millions have been affected, and some of Kurdistan's most densely populated cities, such as Maraş and Adiyaman have been almost completely destroyed.”

The statement continued: “The Turkish state, which has used all means in the war against the Kurdish people, didn’t intervene for days and caused thousands of preventable deaths. In this situation, only grassroots organizations have been able to provide effective support to the people affected by the earthquake, especially Heyva Sor a Kurdistan.”

Newroz celebration areas and addresses in Italian cities are as follows:


March 18, 17:00 - Ararat Socio-Cultural Center - Largo Dino Frisullo


March 22, 18:00 - Municipio Sociale Làbas - Vicolo Bolognetti 2


March 21, 19:00 - Piazza Inzani


March 19, 12:30 - Solidarity Lunch "Da Mino" Restaurant


March 19, 14:30 - Via Francesco Millio 42


March 25, 18:00 - Via Giosuè Carducci 9 (Ghezzano)