Number of people taken into custody today on the rise

The number of those detained in political genocide operations in Şırnak and Mardin rose to 24.

Sixteen people were detained following house raids in Şırnak and its districts.

Four people were detained following house raids in the center of Şırnak, included Mehmet Hazar. A further ten people were detained following house raids in Cizre district. 

Four people taken into custody were named as Aziz Erkul, Nupelda Geren, Serhat Inanç and Mikail Bayık. In Idil, Nurettin Şen, Mehmet Fidan and Idil City Council member Hikmez Zan were taken into custody. The detainees were taken to police departments.

In Mardin, the number of those detained in Kızıltepe, Dargeçit, Nusaybin and central Artuklu districts increased to 8. Ahmet Seyhan and Mazlum Acar were taken into custody yesterday with a person whose name was not learned in Dargeçit, while a citizen named Abdulselam Nergiz was detained in Nusaybin. Sait Sırdaş was detained in Kızıltepe and Duygu Aykut, a university student, in Artuklu.

HDP Youth Council members Özgür Bulut and Hamza Yıldırım have been detained in Artuklu for 6 days.