Oluç: The Kurdish people gave many peaceful messages at Newroz

HDP Group Deputy Chairman Saruhan Oluç noted that during Newroz, the Kurdish people “sent many peaceful messages to the ruling parties and opposition parties who want to be heard."

HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) Group Deputy Chair Saruhan Oluç held a press conference in the Parliament and evaluated the latest developments on Wednesday.

Touching on the Newroz celebrations attended by millions of people, Oluç said, “As you know, HDP celebrated Newroz at 70 locations in Turkey. Millions of people turned out for the Newroz celebrations, yet the media turned away from it. Only the free media saw it, neither the media of the power nor those claiming to be opposition media…”

Explaining the prohibitions and obstructions witnessed during the events, Oluç continued as follows:

“This Newroz, I want to emphasize the message given in all squares at 70 points once more. Kurds, Turks, Arabs, and everyone else who came to the Newroz ceremonies all left messages and stated, ‘We seek peace, democracy, justice, and freedom. On this path, we remain firm in our support for democratic politics.’ Millions of people flocked to the squares in response to HDP's call. They (the government) are concerned about what would follow if the HDP was closed down or if the election threshold was changed, hoping that the HDP may lose votes. Look, this photograph was taken in Diyarbakır; the scene was similar in all districts. The people demonstrated that they reclaim their own future and the HDP. They stated that they are committed to peace and support Abdullah Öcalan's peace manifesto, which was read in Diyarbakır in 2013, and the Dolmabahçe Agreement. They stated that there are no problems that cannot be solved through negotiation and dialogue. They stated that they are willing to talk as long as Turkey's questions are resolved, including the Kurdish question and democratic issues. They stated that ‘don't dare closing the HDP; we stand by our political will. We oppose assimilation because Kurdish is our mother tongue and culture, and we want to live, protect, and expand it freely’. All of these messages were conveyed clearly in 70 points. Many peaceful messages were delivered to the government parties and opposition parties at the Newroz squares of 2022 by those who wanted to be heard. These messages were understood by those who wanted to hear them.”