On her way to Ankara to be the voice of the "Other"

Tülay Hatimoğulları has been elected to the parliament from the HDP, and will take the bounty of the Çukurova lands to Ankara.

Tülay Hatimoğulları, Former Co-chair of the Socialist Refoundation Party (SYKP) which was one of the founding constituents of the HDP, is going to the parliament as an HDP Adana MP. Hatimoğulları aims to be the voice for all "other"s and has four identities combined in her person as well: Tülay Hatimoğulları, born in Samandağ, Antakya in 1977, is an Arab, an Alevi, a socialist and a feminist. She completed her primary education in Samandağ and later graduated from the Anadolu University Faculty of Economics.


Hatimoğulları has been part of the leftist-socialist struggle since her high school years, and was a founder in the Contemporary Arts Atelier who engaged in drama and music activities to revive the Arab culture and the Arabic language since 1995. She has served as the chairperson in the Hatay chapter of the Human Rights Association (Insan Hakları Derneği - İHD) and a central delegate. She was part of the foundation and organization efforts of the AMARGİ Women's Academy to increase women's solidarity in 2000.


Since 2007, she has been part of the organizing efforts of the Women's Labor Collective, founded to increase the women's freedom struggle. Hatimoğulları was among the organizers of the Peace Assembly of Turkey, founded on the call of 301 intellectuals including Yaşar Kemal and Hrant Dink to contribute to the democratic and peaceful resolution of the Kurdish issue, as well as the founders and organizers of the Unity for Democracy Movement (Demokrasi İçin Birlik Hareketi - DBH), Peoples' Democratic Congress (Halkların Demokratik Kongresi - HDK) and the HDP. She served as the co-chair of the Socialist Refoundation Party (SYKP) which was among the founding constituents of the HDP.