Over 1000 people sign call demanding removal of PKK from EU list of terrorist organisations

1000 international names demanded that the PKK be removed from the 'list of terrorist organisations'. Among the signatories are many world-renowned people.

The world continues to react against the crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people, the invasion attacks and the ban of the PKK.

The International Justice Initiative for the Kurds has called on internationally renowned figures from 30 countries to join the campaign to remove the PKK from the 'list of terrorist organizations'.

As of 13 December 2021, 1003 people signed the call.

The call says that “a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy and for stability in Turkey and the wider Middle East. Turkey and its large Kurdish community will be able to achieve that peaceful solution only through negotiations. Such negotiations need to involve all parties, including the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The listing of the PKK as a terrorist organisation, however, is a barrier on the path to peace.”

The call also recalls that “The PKK’s fight with ISIS has benefited counter-terrorism efforts in Iraq and Syria. The PKK has contributed to defending and liberating areas such as Makhmour, Sinjar, and Kirkuk in Iraq, as well as Kobani and other areas in northern Syria. In August 2014, the PKK was instrumental in establishing a humanitarian corridor to rescue tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped by ISIS on Mount Sinjar.”

Among the founders of the 'International Initiative for Justice for Kurds' are the following names:

"Austrian Nobel Prize Laureate Elfriede Jelinek; Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek; US editor and artist Janet Biehl; Afghanistan Solidarity Party Spokesperson Selay Ghaffar; Spanish EMP Miguel Urbán Crespo; Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat; Director-General of the Progressive International RK Adler, Council of Europe Deputy and Italian Senator Roberto Rampi; Former Italian Minister Paolo Ferrero; Spanish Senator Gorka Elejabarrieta Díaz from Basque Country; International Law Expert Prof. Norman Paech; President of the European Union-Turkey Citizens' Commission (EUTCC) / Norway Prof. Kariane Westrheim; French Writer and Editor Nils Andersson; French Kurdistan Solidarity Coordination Member/ Joel Dutto; Argentine Plaza de Mayo Mothers' Organization founding member Nora Cortinas; well-known Peace activist from India Prof. Achin Vanaik; European Union-Turkey Citizens' Commission (EUTCC) ) Secretary General, US Prof. Michael M. Gunter, German lawyer Berthold Fresenius, Bolivian scientist Human Prof. Raúl Prada Alcoreza; Roland Denis, Former Planning Minister of Venezuela; Former Copenhagen Mayor Villo Sigurdsson; Pernille Frahm, former Danish MEP; Benny Gustavsson, human rights defender, Sweden; Erling Folkvord, former Norwegian MP; Norwegian Theater Artist and Director Pia Maria Roll; Swedish Left Party MP Håkan Svenneling; The founder of the New Earth Summit, Dutch Dr. Jonas Staal; Lawyer from Germany, Dr. Rolf Gossner; Ludo de Brabander, Spokesperson of the Belgian Peace Movement."

The full list of signatories is as follows:

  1. Aaron Schreiner - Member of the Extended Parliamentary Group DIE LINKE
  2. Abours Micheline - Teacher & historian, France
  3. Achin Vanaik - Peace activist, retired Professor of “International Relations and Global Politics”, University of Delhi, India
  4. Adelina Escandell - Senator in the Spanish Senate for ERC- Sobiranistes Group - Catalonia/Spain
  5. Adelmo Cervi - Son of one of the “7 fratelli Cervi”, Italy
  6. Adriana Guzmán Arroyo - Antipatriarchal Communitarian Feminism, Bolivia
  7. Adriana Loset - Grand Councillor of Neuchâtel, Member of the General Council Val-de-Travers, Switzerland
  8. Adrien Quatennens- LFI MP of Nord
  9. Adriono Venuti - Deputy Group Spokesperson of Socialist Parties in the Grand Council of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
  10. Ahmet Senyurt, Journalist, Cologne, Germany
  11. Aina Sastre Bestard- Feminist - Speaker of the Parliament, Mallorca
  12. Alain Bruneel -MP of North Region, France
  13. Alain Gonthier - Municipal Councillor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  14. Alba Iniesta Medel - Intersindical Salut IV, Spain
  15. Alberto Acosta - Former President of the Constituent Assembly Bolivar-Ecuador
  16. Alberto Colin - Anthropologist, Mexico
  17. Alcides Lesmes Bulla - Colombians in Exile, Columbia
  18. Alejandro Lopez Sanchis - STEQV
  19. Alessandra Danesi - co-operator,Italy
  20. Alessandro Barbieri - Vice Chair of Quarter Borgo Panigale - Reno - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  21. Alessandro Luparelli - Councillor Municipality di Roma, Italy
  22. Alessandro Pigazzini - trade unionist, Italy
  23. Alexander Eniline - President of the Workers' Party of Switzerland (PdA), Geneva, Switzerland
  24. Alexis Corbière - LFI MP of Seine-Saint-Denis
  25. Algrin Guillaume - Syndicalist, France
  26. Alhaya Talauera Ceballos - STEPV
  27. Ali Esbati, MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  28. Alice Genoud - Grand Councillor of the City of Waadt (The Greens), Lausanne, Switzerland
  29. Alicia Castellanos Guerrero - Anthropologist, Mexico
  30. Alton Larsson- Chair of the Left Party Group in Söderhamn, Sweden
  31. Amanda Ella Birkner - Co-President Red Women's Alliance Baselland, Basel, Switzerland
  32. Amedeo Ciaccheri - Chair of VIII. Municipality of Rome, Italy
  33. Amendelo Pierre - Painter, France
  34. Amina Singerbacher - Co-President of Free Women, Baselland, Switzerland
  35. Amineh Kakabaveh - Independent socialist member of the Swedish parliament, Sweden
  36. Ana Miranda -Member of the European Parliament, BNG Party, Spain
  37. Anaïs Timofte - Municipal Councillor, President of the Swiss Labour Party, Laussane, Switzerland
  38. Anders Scans - Chair of Left party Group in Malmö, Sweden
  39. Andrea Angella – advisor, Italy
  40. Andrea Cegna - Radio onda d'urto, Italy
  41. Andrea Pennacchi – Actor, Italy
  42. Andrea Reinoso - Professor of the Central University of Ecuador
  43. Andrea Scannavino - Chair of La Paz Antiracist Football Club Parma, Italy
  44. Andrea Trombini - Councillor Quarter Santo Stefano - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  45. Andrea Vento - Teacher and coordination of self-organized geography teachers’ group, Italy
  46. Andreas de Maa Suter - Museumologist (BastA!), Basel, Switzerland
  47. Andreas Kirsten - Zurich Municipal Councillor (Alternative List) Basel, Switzerland
  48. Andrej Hunko - Member of the Federal Parliament and Member of the Assambly of the Council of Europe, Germany
  49. Andrew Wilkie - Federal MP, Independent Member for Denison, TAS, Australia
  50. Angela Vergerio - University of Padoue, France
  51. Anitra Nelson - RMIT University, Honorary associate professor, VIC, Australia
  52. Anjuska Weil - Former Cantonal Councillor, President of the Swiss-Vietnam Association, Zurich, Switzerland
  53. Anna Camposampiero - National Secretary of PRC- Italy
  54. Anna Laura Diaz Iglesias - STEPV
  55. Anna Magdalena Busl - Lawyer and Criminal Defence Lawyer, Germany
  56. Anna Maria Romlid - Chair of Left party Group in Västerås - Sweden
  57. Anna Miotto - President of JUSO St.Gallen, Switzerland
  58. Anna Taner - City Councillor SP, Co-President of the Umbrella Association of Social Institutions in the Biel Region, Switzerland
  59. Anne Keller - Former President of MRAP, France 
  60. Anne-Sophie Pelletier - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  61. Annick Samouelian - Former President of Solidarité & Liberté Provence, France
  62. Antonella Laschi – Writer, Italy
  63. Antoni Trobat- Journalist, Spain
  64. Antonia Mertsching- Member of the Saxon Parliament, DIE LINKE, Germany
  65. Antonio D'Errico - FAI member of Anarchic Federation of Milano, Italy
  66. Antonio Martinez Diez - Stics, Spain
  67. Antonio Rossello - Secretary of Organisation of the CONADU History, Argentina
  68. Antonio Ruggeri - director of Magazine Bene Comune Campobasso, Italy
  69. Antti Rautiainen - Developer and writer, Finland
  70. Appel Muller Patrick - Former Editor of the Humanité Newspaper, France
  71. Ara Toranian - Co-Chairman of the Armenian Council of France
  72. Arabia Eulalie - Member of the Communist Party & administrator of “Travailleur Catalan”, France
  73. Argant Thierry - Archaeologist municipal council of Decines Charpieu, France
  74. Armanda Pasch - Secondary School Teacher, Biel, Switzerland
  75. Armando Wouriyu Valbuena- Secretary of the High Level Special Body on Ethnic Peoples (Ieanpe), Columbia
  76. Arnau Piqué - Communists of Catalonia's International Relations Secretary - Catalonia/Spain
  77. Arnold Zable - Writer, VIC, Australia
  78. Árpád Kovács - Pastor of International Work,Finland
  79. Arsène Kalaidjian - Representative of the Armenian Association, France
  80. Arturo Salerni - Lawyer , Italy
  81. Ascardie Arianne - Artist, France
  82. Asier Gonzalez- Councillor of Bilbo City Council
  83. Assumpta Barbeus Sendla - IAC
  84. Ates Gürpinar - Member of the Federal Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the DIE LINKE Party
  85. Attila Vajnai - Chairperson - Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006, Hungary
  86. Aubron Cathy - Mouvement de la Paix, France
  87. Axel Fjeld - Trade union representative in the Norwegian Railway Association, Norway
  88. Bachman Pierre - Syndicalist, France
  89. Bachy Jeremy - Senator of Bouches du Rhone, France
  90. Baran Topal - Member of the Board, Green Party Karlsruhe, Germany
  91. Barbancey Pierre - Journalist, France
  92. Barbara Bottarelli – Employed, Italy
  93. Barbara Cárdenas - Member of the Regional Parliament (ret.), Germany
  94. Bàrbara Roviró - the coordinator of the Commission for International Incidence of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) - Catalonia
  95. Barbera Boyer Myriam - Honorary journalist & MP, France
  96. Barrotin Paul - Retired teacher, France
  97. Bartoli Georges - Photo-Reporter, France
  98. Bastide Serge - Retired SNCF, France
  99. Bastien Lachaud- LFI MP of Seine-Saint-Denis
  100. Beatriu Cardona i Prats - Valencian Inter-Union, Spain
  101. Bénédicte Taurine- LFI MP of Ariège
  102. Benjamin Rudaz- Municipal Councillor and Co-President of The Greens, Lausanne, Switzerland
  103. Benny Gustavsson - Chairman of the Kurdistan Support Committee, Sweden
  104. Benoît Gaillard - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP 
  105. Bernard Revollon - President of the Alsace Kurdish Friendship Association, France
  106. Bernat Valero Ferrer - STEPV
  107. Bernier Patrich - Administrator, France
  108. Bertha Zuniga Caceres - Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organisations COPINH, Honduras
  109. Berthold Fresenius - Lawyer, Germany
  110. Berzuro Louise - Health Syndicalist, France
  111. Bill Kidd - Member of the Scottish Parliament, for the Scottish National Party (SNP) - Scotland/UK
  112. Birger Lahti - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  113. Bjørnar Moxnes – MP,Norway
  114. Blanc Helene - Member of the Communist Party
  115. Bob Brown - Bob Brown Foundation, Former Greens senator, TAS, Australia
  116. Bonnaud Olivier - Syndicalist - Radiologist, France
  117. Bouffartigue Paul - Sociology, France
  118. Brian Walters QC - Barrister, VIC, Australia
  119. Britten Claire - Retired, France
  120. Bronchu Alexandra - President of the Women's Union, France
  121. Brunella Guida - Councillor Quarter Navile - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  122. Brunella Maserati – Engineer, Italy
  123. Cam Walker - Friends of the Earth, Environmental activist, VIC, Australia
  124. Camille Sellier - Lecturer of the University of Montpelier, France
  125. Cansu Özdemir - Chairwoman of the Left Party Hamburg, Germany
  126. Capelli Pierre - Ministry of Education, France
  127. Carles Riera- Member of the Parliament of Catalonia
  128. Carlo Cellesi - Teacher Cagliari- Italy
  129. Carlo Sommaruga - Lawyer, Member of the Council of States Geneva (SP), Switzerland
  130. Carlos Lopez Catala - Valencian Inter-Union, Spain
  131. Carlotta Trippa - Councillor Quarter Porto - Saragozza - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  132. Carme Gomila Dominguez- Secretary for Political Relations, Mes for Mallorca
  133. Carmen Cosin Albert - Valencian Inter-Union, Spain
  134. Carole Ferrier - University of Queensland, Professor, QLD, Australia
  135. Carole Meyer - Municipal Counsellor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  136. Carolina Elizabeth Díaz Íñigo- Anthropologist, Mexico
  137. Catherine Walsh - Academic Lecturer at the Andean University Simon Bolivar, Ecuador
  138. Cathy Aubron - Representative of the Pacifist Association, France
  139. Caubere Philippe - Actor, Screenplay, Director, France
  140. Cazorla Gérard - Syndicalist SCOP-TI, France
  141. Cécile Guinand - Grand Councillor of Neuchâtel (PdA), Switzerland
  142. Celestino Nauarmo Amores - Cat-IU
  143. Céline Misiego - Member of the Lausanne Cantonal Council (PdA), Lausanne,Switzerland
  144. Cermolace Marie José - Honorary regional council & Regional council member, Syndicalist, France
  145. Chabbi Anissa - Syndicalist, Nurse, France
  146. Chauvelot Guy - Sculptor, France
  147. Chauvelot Thierry - Artist, Painter, France
  148. Chiara Fabbiani - athlet & instructor, Italy
  149. Chollon Allain - Journalist, France
  150. Chris Stephens - MP - Scottish National Party (SNP) - Scotland/UK
  151. Christian Dandrès - National Councillor (SP), Geneva, Switzerland
  152. Christian Guyonvarc'h - Representative of the Brötan Council, France
  153. Christian Huber - President of the Greens and City Parliamentarian of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  154. Christine Seidler - Councillor of Zurich, Switzerland
  155. Chryslen Mayra Barbosa Gonçalves - PhD Student in Social Anthropology - UNICAMP, Brazil
  156. Ciczie Weidby - MP of the Left Party - Sweden
  157. Cinzia Ferdenzi - Councillor municipality of Fiorenzuola, Italy
  158. Clara Esteve Ferrer - Intersindical
  159. Clara Saborit Garcia - STAS.IV
  160. Claude Calame - Director of studies, EHESS Paris
  161. Claudia Korol - Feminist Communicator, Member of the Popular Education Team Pañuelos in Rebeldía, Researcher at the Centre for Research and Training of Latin American Social Movements (CIFMSL) - Argentina and Member of Feminists of Abya Yala
  162. Claudia Ruhs - Author, Germany
  163. Claudio Calia – Author, Italy
  164. Clément Tolusso- Municipal Councillor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  165. Clémentine Autain- LFI MP of Seine Saint-Denis
  166. Collas Marianne- Feminist militant & Member of the Communist Party, France
  167. Constance M. Beutel - EdD - Community Activist Benicia California - USA
  168. Corinne Gournay Garcia- Member of the Hérault Region, France
  169. Cornelia Federer - City Parliamentarian St.Gallen (GREENS Switzerland), St.Gallen/Switzerland
  170. Cornelia Wolenin - Catechist, Lucerne, Switzerland
  171. Corpola Jean Marc - Deputy Mayor of Marseille, France
  172. Corradino Gaella - Member of the Communist Party, France
  173. Cristina Gfeller - High School Teacher, Biel, Switzerland
  174. Cybel Dickson - Vice-President of Juso Aarau, Switzerland
  175. Cyril Gros - Municipal Councillor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  176. Damia moll Cardona- Professor and Councillor of Ajuntament de Ciutadella de Menorca
  177. Damien Kingsbury - Deakin University, Professor, VIC, Australia
  178. Daniel Bartement - Lecturer of the University of Montpelier, France
  179. Daniel Bernmar - Opposition Council in Göteborg Municipality for the Left Party, Sweden
  180. Daniel Riazat - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  181. Daniel Voguet - Honorary lawyer of the Paris Baro, France
  182. Daniele Barbieri - writer e Journalist, Italy
  183. Daniele Vannetiello - Researcher of University of Bologna
  184. Dario Azzellini, Cornell University, Ithaca USA
  185. Dario Marini Ricci - Teacher- Councillor municipality of Fiorenzuola, Italy
  186. David Fernández - the deputy president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Catalonia
  187. David Payot - The Deputy Mayor of Lausanne, (PdA), Switzerland
  188. David R. K. Adler - General Coordinator of Progressive International
  189. David Zyngier - Monash University, Academic, VIC, Australia
  190. Davide Grasso - Professor of Philosophy - IUC – Turin, Italy
  191. De Ubeda André - municipal Council of Toulon, France
  192. Delphine Durand - Poetess
  193. Denis de la Reussille - National Councillor (PdA), Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  194. Denise Roth - Physician for General Medicine, Lucerne, Switzerland
  195. Detjon Begaj - Councillor Municipality di Bologna, Italy
  196. Diana Itzu Gutiérrez Luna - Member of the Centre for Women's Rights of Chiapas
  197. Dick Marty - Former State Prosecutor of the Canton of Ticino, Former Member of the Council of Europe and Member of the OSCE Commission on Human Rights, Ticino, Switzerland
  198. Didier Divorne - The Deputy Mayor of Renens, (PdA), Switzerland
  199. Dieni Domenico - Human Right Activist, France
  200. Dieudonné Philippe - Marseille Human Rights League, France
  201. Dîlan Yenigün - Lawyer, Sweden
  202. Dimitri Estimbre - Member of the Municipal Council of Bédarieux Region, France
  203. Dirk Tas - Spokesperson of FAU, Climate Activist, Bern, Switzerland
  204. Docent Rosanna Massidda - Human Rights activist, Italy
  205. Domart Jean-Marc - Human Right Activist, France                 
  206. Dominique Sopo - President of SOS Racisme, France
  207. Döndü Ziegler - Demirtas - Mitglied der erweiterten Fraktion DIE LINKE, Germany
  208. Dorothy Bruck - Victoria University, Professor, VIC, Australia
  209. Doug Nicholls - General Secretary - General Federation of Trade Unions , UK
  210. Dr. Alexander Panez - University Lecturer, Biology, Chile
  211. Dr. Aziz Iltümür, Ophthalmologist, Duisburg, Germany
  212. Dr. Beppe Savary-Borioli - Forum Alternativo, General Practitioner and Emergency Physician, Ticino, Switzerland
  213. Dr. Bigna Rambert - Specialist FMH for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Zurich, Switzerland
  214. Dr. Carolin Spansk – X-ray doctor and head of Söderhamn Hospital, Sweden
  215. Dr. Cemal Selcan, Physician, Düsseldorf, Germany
  216. Dr. Daniel Ganser - Historian, Basel, Switzerland
  217. Dr. Detlef Feldmann- Physician, Duisburg, Germany
  218. Dr. Eva von Redecker- Philosopher, Germany
  219. Dr. Federico Venturini - Dept Geography University of Udine, Italy
  220. Dr. Fikret Yildiz-  Gynaecologist, Duisburg, Germany
  221. Dr. Friederike Habermann - Freelance Researcher and Author, Germany
  222. Dr. Gilberto López y Rivas - Anthropologist, Mexico
  223. Dr. Gregor Gysi- Member of the Federal Parliament, Germany
  224. Dr. Joseph Healy - member of the National Council of Left Unity, UK
  225. Dr. Judith Dellheim - Political Economist, Berlin, Germany
  226. Dr. Kersten Woweries - Lawyer, Germany
  227. Dr. Khalid Ibrahim - Doctor - Sweden
  228. Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi - Chairperson of the Language Commission of the Government, Nepal
  229. Dr. Marc Schessler - Osteopathe, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
  230. Dr. Mechthild Exo - Decolonial Peace and Conflict Studies and Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Germany
  231. Dr. Med Ibrahim Güneş, Pyhsician, Duisburg
  232. Dr. med. Günther Bittel, Internist, Duisburg, Germany
  233. Dr. med. Michael Wilk, Emergency Physician, Psychotherapist, Germany
  234. Dr. Nikolaus Brauns - Journalist and Historian, Germany
  235. Dr. Olga Zitzelsberger - Institute for General and Occupational Pedagogy, Germany
  236. Dr. Omid Kasem - Doctor , Sweden
  237. Dr. Peter Berens - Historiker und Publizist
  238. Dr. phil. Werner Ruf - Political Scientist and Peace Researcher, Germany
  239. Dr. Raffi Daniel Bedikian, Pediatrician, Oberhausen, Germany
  240. Dr. Rainer Lukaschek- Physician, Bottrop, Germany
  241. Dr. Ruth Waldvogel - Psychotherapist, Basel, Switzerland
  242. Dr. Sarah Schilliger - Sociologist, Bern, Switzerland
  243. Dr. Stefan Meretz - Engineer and Computer Scientist, Germany
  244. Dr. Susanne Bachmann - Sociologist, Bern, Switzerland
  245. Dr. theol. Rolf Bossart - Religious Scholar, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  246. Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley - Dept Sociology - University of Cambridge, UK
  247. Dr. Urban- Mülhausen, Germany
  248. Dr. Willi Mast - Spokesperson for Medicine for Rojava, Germany
  249. Dr. Wolfgang Conradis, Lawyer, Duisburg, Germany
  250. Duclos Daniel - Member of PCF & CGT, France
  251. Durrieu Josiane - Administrator of PCF 13, France
  252. Ebba Wergeland - Physician - Norway
  253. Edda Pando - Chair of Association Arci Todo Cambia- Italy
  254. Edgars Martínez Navarrete - Anthropologist and Member of Aukin Media in Mapuche Wallmapu, Chile
  255. Edith Boulanger-Director of Peace movement, France
  256. Edoardo Bai - Doctor and Scientific committee of Lega Ambiente, Italy
  257. Eeva Kaukoluoto - Doctor of Philosophy - Finland
  258. Eirik Hassvik - Department of Education University of Southeast, Norway
  259. Eirik Svensson - leader of the West Norwegian Transport Workers' Association, Norway
  260. El Hamzaoui Mohammed - Journalist, France
  261. Elena Mazzoni - Human Rights Activist environmentalist,Italy
  262. Elena Vendrell Egea - STM
  263. Eleni Varikas - Lecturer of Emerita University of Paris 8, France
  264. Elfriede Jelinek - Writer/Nobel Prize in Literature, Austria
  265. Eli Aaby - Member of the Women's Front - Norway
  266. Elianora Di Majo - Former deputy of Napoli Municipality, Italy
  267. Elina Kauppila - City Councillor and environmental activist, Finland
  268. Elisa C. Brimes Renta - STICS Inter
  269. Elisabetta Cattaneo – environmentalist, Italy
  270. Elisabetta Salvini - Chair of Casa delle Donne Parma, Italy
  271. Elise Lowy - Administrator of PEPS Movement, France
  272. Elisenda Paluzie - president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) , Catalonia
  273. Ella Mona Chevalley - Municipal Councillor of Yverdon-les-Bains The Greens
  274. Elodie Lopez - Councillor and Grand Councillor of Vevey, (Décroissance-Alternatives), Swizterland
  275. Elsa Britt Enger - Spokeswoman Grandmothers for Peace, Norway
  276. Elsa Stamatopoulou - Columbia University - Director - Indigenous Peoples' Rights Program - Institute for the Study of Human Rights, USA
  277. Emanuel Deonna - Grand Councillor of Geneva (SP), Switzerland
  278. Emily Marion Clancy - Vice Mayor of Bologna Municipality, Italy
  279. Emma Lina Johansson - Municipal Councillor of Malmö city - Left Party, Sweden
  280. Emmanuel Eduardo Rozental Klinger - Social Activist - Abya Yala
  281. Emmanuel Maurel - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  282. Emre Ecevit - Politician, Candidate for the German Federal Parliament 2021 - DİE LİNKE Party
  283. Enrico Calamai - Former diplomat, Italy
  284. Enrico Gnudi - Councilor Quarter Savena - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  285. Erasmo Pallazzotto – MP, Italy
  286. Eric Coquerel- LFI MP of Seine-Saint-Denis
  287. Eric Fassin- Sociologist, University of Paris 8
  288. Erik Ness - Editorial Member of Gnist, Norway
  289. Erika Huser - World of Social Women, Switzerland
  290. Erkki Matinlassi - Activist - Finland
  291. Erling Folkvord - Writer & Former MP, Norway
  292. Ernst Ludwig Iskenius - Physician, Member of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)
  293. Erwin Weiss - Engineer, Anti-Nuclear Activist, Geneva, Switzerland
  294. Esposito Jean Gérome - Comedian, France
  295. Ester Rincon Rodriguez - Valencian Inter-Union STEPV-IV
  296. Etienne Morin - Council of Toulouse Region, France
  297. Eulelia Requant - Member of the Parliament of Catalonia
  298. Eva Birath - Informatic - Sweden
  299. Fahmy Almajid, Human Right Activist, Danmark
  300. Fco J. Quiros - TUC-IV
  301. Fco Javier Ramirez Igiro - SF Inter-Union Intersindical, Spain
  302. Federico Grazzini - Vice Chair of Quarter Porto - Saragozza - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  303. Felix Irizar - ESK.SINDIKANA, Basque Country
  304. Ferman Büyükkaya- Board member and treasurer in the Left Party Helsingborg, Sweden
  305. Fernanda Garavaglia - Secretariat CUB tessili, Italy
  306. Fernanda Navarro - Philosopher, Mexico
  307. Fernando Alvarez Suarez - Left Trade Union Corriete, Spain
  308. Fernando Fuente- EFA
  309. Fessin Stéphanie - Nurse, France
  310. Fionn Skiotis - North-East Syria Solidarity Group (NESS), VIC, Australia
  311. Firat Turgut – Wenzel, Member of the Extended Parliamentary Group DIE LINKE
  312. Florian Wick - Lawyer, Co-operating lawyer of the European Center for Constitutional & Human Rights (ECCHR), Zurich, Switzerland
  313. Fort José - Journalist, France
  314. Fortino Domínguez Rueda - Historian and Anthropologist, Mexico
  315. Foulquier Luc - Research Engineer, France
  316. Fournier Carole - Activist, France
  317. Franca Albertini - Research of CNR, Italy
  318. Franca Maria Sedde - Teacher – Nuoro, Italy
  319. Francesca Mazzuzi - Journalist- Italy
  320. Francesca Romana D'Amico - Councillor Quarter San Donato - San Vitale -Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  321. Francesco Buonsaver - Journalist, Switzerland
  322. Francesco Gentilini - Councillor Quarter Santo Stefano, Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  323. Francesco José Quiros - Tuc-Inter-Union, Spain
  324. Francesco Mazzetta – Bibliothecarial, Italy
  325. Francesco Troccoli – writer, Italy
  326. Francia Magali - Member of CGT, France
  327. Francis Wurtz - Former Chair of the GUE NGL & Honorary MEP, France
  328. Francisco De Parres Gómez - Anthropologist and Photographer, Mexico
  329. François Devedjian - Lawyer, France
  330. Françoise Bousquet - Member of the Municipal Council of Bédarieux Region, France
  331. Frank Jasenski - Lawyer - Germany
  332. Fransisco Javier Corredor Suarez - OSUT-IV, Spain
  333. Fransizka Stier - Sociologist, General Secretary of BastA, Strong Alternative Basel, Switzerland
  334. Franziska Meinherz - Member of the Lausanne Municipal Council (EÀG-SolidaritéS), Switzerland
  335. Franziska Nedelmann - Lawyer, Berlin, Germany
  336. Franziska Roth - National Councillor (SP), Solothurn, Switzerland
  337. Franziska Ryser - National Councillor (GREENS), St. Gallen, Switzerland
  338. Friedhelm Schaumann - Chairman of the Left Party for District of Unna, Germany
  339. G.M. Tamás - Philosopher - Hungary
  340. Gabi Zimmer - Former Chairwoman of the GUE/NGL Group in the European Parliament, Germany
  341. Gabriela Kämpf - Deputy Mayor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  342. Gabriela Schvartzman - Feminist Political Scientist,Paraguay
  343. Gabriele Budka - Member of the Extended Parliamentary Group DIE LINKE, Germany
  344. Gael Briand - Editor Chief of “Le Peuple Breton” France 
  345. Geir Asbjørn Jørgensen - MP, Norway
  346. Geir Hem - Chairperson of the organization "Stopp NATO" - Norway
  347. Georges Perron - Administrator of « La Roche Sur Yon », France
  348. Gerbault Eve - member of the Communist Party, France
  349. Gerd Schumann - Author, Berlin, Germany
  350. Gerd-Peter Zielezinski- Parliamentary Group Chairman in the Council, DIE LINKE, Wuppertal
  351. Gernault Dominique - Board member of PCF 66
  352. Gian Luigi Bruzzo – environmentalist, Italy
  353. Gian Luigi Deiana - Teacher Oristano, Italy
  354. Giorgetti Martine - Activist, France
  355. Giorgetti René - Honorary Councillor of Bouches du Rhône, France
  356. Giorgio Marasà - Responsible of Foreign Affairs of Italian Left Party, Italy
  357. Giovanni Motta – Lawyer, Italy
  358. Giovanni Russo Spena - Former Senator of Italia, Italy
  359. Gisella Vacca – Artista, Italy
  360. Giuliana Sgrena – Journalist, Italy
  361. Giuliano Pisapia - MEP S&D, Italy
  362. Giulio Nori – Fotografo, Italy
  363. Giuseppe Noroni – geography, Italy
  364. Gökay Akbulut - Member of the Federal Parliament, Die Linke Party, Germany
  365. Goncalves Anthony - Doctor, France
  366. Gorka Elejabarrieta Díaz - Senator of Spain and Director of International Relations and Policy for EH Bildu
  367. Gudrun Nordborg - MP of the Left Party - Sweden
  368. Guediguian Robert - Administrator, France
  369. Guido Trifiletti - Provincial Secretary Flmuniti, Italy
  370. Guido Viale - Human Rights Activist- Italy
  371. Guillaume Spiro, Deputy Mayor of the City of Ivry sur Seine
  372. Guimoiseau Dany - Sanitarian, France
  373. Gül Güzel - Writer, Journalist, Negotiation Interpreter of the Kurdish Language, Germany
  374. Gun Britt Walström - Member of the Söderhamn City Administration, Sweden
  375. Günter Klein - Local Politician and Welfare Worker, Stuttgart, Germany
  376. Gustave Massiah- Member of the International Council of the World Social Forum (WSF)
  377. Guzman Marie Chantal - Co secretary of PCF
  378. Hadrien Buclin - Cantonal Councillor (EÀG-SolidaritéS), Lausanne, Switzerland
  379. Håkan Svenneling - Member of the Parliament, Sweden
  380. Halaoui Fabienne - Council of Orange Municipality, France
  381. Hanna Gunnarsson - MP of the Left Party - Sweden
  382. Hanna Victoria Mörk - Opposition Council in Uppsala Municipality for the Left Party - Sweden
  383. Hannele Ollilainen -Environmental Designer for Sustainable Development - Siemenpuu Foundation's activist - Agroecology - Finland
  384. Hans Baer - University of Melbourne, Associate professor, VIC, Australia
  385. Haris Golemis - transform! Europe - Greek newspaper Epohi, Greece
  386. Hauffman Jackie - Former MP & Former MEP, France
  387. Hayot Alain - Academician, France
  388. Héctor Sánchez - Communists of Catalonia's General Secretary - Catalonia/Spain
  389. Heidi Mück - Grand Councillor of the City of Basel (BastA!), Switzerland
  390. Heike Geisweid, Lawyer, Bochum, Germany
  391. Heikki Ekman - Human Rights Activist ,Finland
  392. Heinz Jürgen Schneider - Lawyer and Author, Hamburg, Germany
  393. Heinz R. Schmitt- Lawyer, Duisburg
  394. Helen Meekosha - University of NSW, Social Scientist, NSW, Australia
  395. Hélène Guérin - Researcher, France
  396. Henri Fiori - Administrator of Republican&Socialist Left, France
  397. Hortensia Ines - Solidaires
  398. Huet Yvon - Journalist & Syndicate, France
  399. Îbrahîm Seydo Aydogan - Lecturer of İNALCO, France
  400. Idurre Bideguren Gabantxo- Senator, Euskal Herria
  401. Ignacio Ortega Trores – Syndicate, Spain
  402. Igor Zulaika- International Coordinator for Euskal Herria Bildu,
  403. Ilaria Agostini - Researcher & Lecturer University of Bologna - Italy
  404. Ilias Panchard - Member of Lausanne Municipal Council (The GREENS), Switzerland
  405. Ilona Szatmari Waldau - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  406. Immu Suominen - Poet - Finland
  407. Irene Clausen- Human Rights Activist - Danmark
  408. Isabel Gonzalez Lopez - Confederation of the Inter-Union, Spain
  409. Isabel Itxoa Crespo- Professor of UPV/EHU
  410. Isabel Lasobras - Member of Parliament for Aragon
  411. Isabel Simon Garria - STAS
  412. Isabetle Santiago - MP of the Val-de-Marne Region, France
  413. Itsaso Lekuona- Councillor of Hernani City Council
  414. Ivan Grozny Compasso – Journalist,Italy
  415. Ivo Durisch - Group Spokesperson of the SP in the Grand Council of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
  416. Izaskun Duque- Member of the General Assembly of Bizkaia
  417. J. Marie Battini - Representative of the New anti-capitalist party, France
  418. Jaakko Rissanen - Human Rights Activist - Finland
  419. Jacinto Matas Osa - Sf Inter-Union Intersindical, Spain
  420. Jacques Dyoniziak - Member of the political bureau of the Democratic unity party of Brötan, France
  421. Jacques Gaillot- Bishop
  422. Jakob Migenda - Member of the Council of Spokespersons of DIE LINKE Darmstadt
  423. Jakop Jansson - Former MP -Sweden
  424. James Howard - Refugee Action Collective, Teacher & actor, VIC, Australia
  425. James Kelman - Writer - Scotland/UK
  426. Jamie Parker - Greens NSW, State member for Balmain, NSW, Australia
  427. Jan Erik Vold - Author,Norway
  428. Jan Petter Bastøe - Municipal Council Representative in Sarpsborg, Norway
  429. Jan Schiffer - Federal Spokesperson of Linksjugend ['solid], Germany
  430. Janet Biehl - Author, Copy Editor, and Graphic Artist, USA
  431. Jani Nuutinen - Social worker - Finland
  432. Janice Catherall - Radical Women, Retired, VIC, Australia
  433. Jann O. Krangnes - The Chairmanship and the municipal Council of Hitra, Norway
  434. Jaume Alzamora Riera - General Secretary MES Mallorca
  435. Javaloyes Brice - Member of PCF, France
  436. Javiera Marchant - Aedo - Equality Trainer, Finland
  437. Jean Batou - Deputy Grand Councillor Geneva (Ensemble à Gauche/Rèsistance), Switzerland
  438. Jean Burgermeister - Grand Councillor Geneva (Ensemble à Gauche/Rèsistance), Switzerland
  439. Jean Charles Rielle - Grand Councillorof  Geneva, Former National Councillor (SP), Switzerland
  440. Jean Christophe Sellin - National Co-coordinator of the Left Party, France
  441. Jean Louis Couture - Agronomist, France
  442. Jean Luc Mélenchon- LFI MP of Bouches-du-Rhône, Candidate of the Union Populaire for the Presidential Election in 2022, France
  443. Jean Paul Dufrègne - MP of the Allier Region, France
  444. Jean Paul Lecoq - MP of the Seine-Maritime Region, France
  445. Jean Tible – Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  446. Jean Tschopp - Cantonal Councillor of Lausanne (SP), Switzerland
  447. Jeanroy Séverine-Sanitarian, France
  448. Jenny Forward - Socialist Alliance, Social worker, TAS, Australia
  449. Jens Holm - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  450. Jérôme Gleizes - City councillor of Paris 20, France
  451. Jérome Marie - Teacher & Member of PCF
  452. Jérome Philippe - Journalist, France
  453. Jerry Hansson - Chair of Left party Group in Jönköping, Sweden
  454. Jessica Thunander - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  455. Jessica Wetterling- MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  456. Jesus Alonso Valero- Psychologist
  457. Jesus Gimenez Chicharro - STAS-IU
  458. Jo Jenseg - Leader of LO Stavanger in Omegn Local Branch of National Federation of Trade Unions, Norway
  459. Joana Berker - Commune of Women in Basel-Erlingen, Switzerland
  460. Joch Weil-Goldstein - Emeritus Judge of Labour Court, Zurich, Switzerland
  461. Joel Dutto - Member of the Kurdistan Solidarity Coordination, France
  462. Johann Dupuis - Member of the Lausanne Municipal Council (EÀG-SolidaritätS), Switzerland
  463. Johanna Eliasson - Board member of the Left party - Sweden
  464. John Gauci - NSW Teachers Federation, Teacher & Federation rep, NSW, Australia
  465. John McLaren - Victoria University, Emeritus professor, VIC, Australia
  466. John Tully - Victoria University, Professor (honorary), VIC, Australia
  467. Jon Iñarritu- Member of Congress
  468. Jonas Sjöstedt - Former Leader of the Left party (2012-2020), Sweden
  469. Jonas Staal - Artist and Propaganda Researcher, New World Summit/Netherlands
  470. Jonny Rumpt - Trade Unionist (FAU), Biel, Switzerland
  471. Jörg Heuer - Intermedia - Artist, Germany
  472. Jörg Willi Metzger - Head of the Housing Department of the Wagerenhof Foundation, Lucerne, Switzerland
  473. Jorge Alonso- Researcher at the Centre for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology, Mexico
  474. José Antonio Gonzalez -Inter-Union of Aragon - Ista
  475. José Garcia Polo – Syndicate, Spain
  476. Jose L. Besarano Rubio - Stics, Spain
  477. Jose Luis carretero- General Secretary of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers' Solidarity
  478. José Luiz del Roio - Brazilian Historian Former Senator, Italy
  479. Jose Portillo Manruno – Activist, Spain
  480. Jose Ramon Galdon - STICS, Spain
  481. José Santos Caícedo- National Coordination of the Black Communities Process (PCN), Columbia
  482. Josep A. Bomboi Arial - STAS-IU
  483. Josep Coll Saez - STEPU
  484. Josep ferrera Terrassa - Member of Parliament for Mallorca
  485. Jourdan Pascale - Syndicate & Nurse, France
  486. Juan Carlos Guerra - Member of the Collective From the Margin, Ecuador
  487. Juan Carlos Izagirre- Member of the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa
  488. Juan Cuvi- Former Leader of Alfaro Vive Carajo Bolivar-Ecuador
  489. Juan Hernandez Zubizarreta- Professor UPV/EHU Euskal Herria
  490. Juan Pablo Casiello- Teacher and Trade Union Secretary of the Amsafe Rosario Trade Union, Argentina
  491. Judith Somi - Labor Activist - Belgium/France
  492. Judyth Hill - poet author and editor - Mexico
  493. Juha Pekka Väisänen - Chairperson of Finnish Communist Party - SKP, Finland
  494. Jukka Peltokoski - Educational producer and non-fiction writer - Finland
  495. Jule Goikoetxea - Professor at UPV/EHU University
  496. Julia Argentina Perie - Member of Parlasur, President of the EuroLat Women's Forum, National Vice-President of the Solidarity Party, Argentina
  497. Juliano Medeiros - President of Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) - Brazil
  498. Julie Ward - Former MEP of the Labour Party - UK
  499. Julien Eggenberger - Grand Councillor of the City of Lausanne (SP), Switzerland
  500. Julien Gressot - Grand Councillor and President of the PdA in the Canton of Neuchâtel, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
  501. Julien Landais - Lecturer of the University of Montpelier, France
  502. Julio Perez del Campo- Film Director, Goya Award Winner
  503. Jürgen Dittmeyer- Group Member for the Left List in the Council, Oberhausen, Germany
  504. Jürgen Klute - Publicist - theologian - former member of the European Parliament; Belgium/Germany
  505. Kaisa Liljanto - Human Rights Activist, Finland
  506. Kaisa Väliahde - Provider of travel program services, Finland
  507. Kalle Juntunen - Student of social sciences - Finland
  508. Kantarjian Patrice - Syndicate, France
  509. Kariane Westrheim - Chairperson of the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), Norway
  510. Karin Råsjö - MP of the Left Party - Sweden
  511. Karine Beausire Ballif - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP, Switzerland
  512. Karine Clerc - Municipal Councillor, People's Party Renens, Switzerland
  513. Karkar Hssane - Academician, France
  514. Katerina Anastasiou - Chairperson of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ), Austria
  515. Kathrin Flach Gomez - Landessprecherin, DIE LINKE Bayern, Germany
  516. Ken Loach - film maker, UK
  517. Kerem Schamberger - Activist and Communication Scientist, Germany
  518. Khajik Khasber - Dentist surgeon, Sweden
  519. Kike Fernandez de Pinedo- Member of the General Assembly of Araba
  520. Kimmo Laine - Activist, Finland
  521. Kirsi Rouvali - Human Rights Activist, Finland
  522. Klaus Lintho - Leader of LO in Sarpsborg and Rakkestad (local branch of National Federation of Trade Unions), Norway
  523. Koldo Saenz - LAB Sindikatua, Basque Country
  524. Kurt Kleffel MLPD Hannover and Brigadist in the Construction of the Health Centre in Kobane, Germany
  525. Lacaze Pierre - Mamager of Haute Garonne PCF
  526. Lafargue Fréderic - Journalist, France
  527. Lambrechts Alain - Engineer, France
  528. Larouze Pauline - Anesthetist, France
  529. Lars Ohly - Former Leader of the Left party (2004-2012) , Sweden
  530. Laura Aznal- Member of the Navarro Parliament, Spain
  531. Laura Mora Cabello de Alba- Professor at the University of Castilla la Mancha
  532. Laura Quagliuolo - Human Rights Activist CISDA, Italy
  533. Laura Shrader – writer, Italy
  534. Laurence Cohen - Senator of the Val-de-Marne Region, France
  535. Laurence Fehlmann Rielle - National Councillor (SP), Geneva, Switzerland
  536. Laurent Ziegelmeyer - President of the Val-de-Şarne Region France-Kurdistan Association, France
  537. Lauri Korpela - Human Rights Activist, Finland
  538. Layla Outemzabet - Municipal Councillor of Yverdon-Les-Bains (The Greens Switzerland), Vevey, Switzerland
  539. Le Floch Pascale-La Farlède, France
  540. Le Floch Patrick-La Farlède, France
  541. Le Pape Florian - Councillor of Marsilya Region, France
  542. Léandre Séraidaris - Photographer, Vevey, Swizterland
  543. Lecoq Catherine - Actor, France
  544. Leidet Gérard - Historian, teacher member of the Movement Ouvrier, France
  545. Leif Ericksson - Criminal Lawyer, Sweden
  546. Leila Chaibi - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  547. Leon Lauritsen, Politician and Human Right Activist Holstebro- Denmark
  548. Leonie Schubiger - Board Member of JUSO, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  549. Léonore Porchet - National Councillor, Grand Councillor of Waadt (GREENS), Lausanne, Switzerland
  550. Liam Ward - RMIT University, Associate lecturer, VIC, Australia
  551. Liberti Francois - Honorary Deputy, Former Co-Chairman of the Herault Council & Honorary Ayor of Sète, France
  552. Lidia Peris Ferrando - STEPV
  553. Linda Snecker - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  554. Linea Duran - Chair of the Left Party Söderhamn, Sweden
  555. Liray Rodriguez - Intersindical Canaria
  556. Lisa Hoffmann - Member of the Council of Spokespersons of DIE LINKE Darmstadt
  557. Lisbeth Raanes Hansen - Adviser Agder County Municipality - Norway
  558. Lise Bouzidi Vega - Representative of the Terre et Liberté pour Arauco Association, France
  559. Liv Müller Smith-Sivertsen - Feminist Responsible in Red Youth - Norway
  560. Livia Apa – Journalist, Italy
  561. Livia Hekanaho - Doctor of Philosophy - Docent,Finland
  562. Livio Cancelliere - Lawyer in Supreme Court of Milan and Honorary Judge of the Court of Parma- Italy
  563. Lluis Enric Apesteguia Ripoll - Coordinator MES For Mallorca
  564. Lola Navarro Navarro - STEPV
  565. Lolita Chávez - Communitarian feminist, Leader of the Council of the Maya K'iche' People (CPK), Ixim Ulew, Member of Feminists of Abya Yala, Guatemala
  566. Lorena Delgado Varas - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  567. Lotta Johansson Fornarve - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  568. Lotta Laaksonen - Member of the Left Council of the Left Alliance and Turku City Councillor - Finland
  569. Louis Dana - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP
  570. Luc Quinton-Plastic Artist and Collage Storyteller
  571. Luc Ripoll - Council of Toulouse Region, France
  572. Lucazeau Julie - Artist-Actor, France
  573. Luciano Muhlbauer - Former Regional Councillor of Lombardia- Italy
  574. Lucina Kathmann - Writer - USA/Mexico
  575. Ludo de Brabander- Spokesman for the Belgian Peace Organisation Vrede
  576. Luigi Lucchi - Mayor of Berceto, Italy
  577. Luigi Vinci- Former MEP- Italy
  578. Luis Miguel Garcia Caballero, STM
  579. Luis Primo - PCOA
  580. Luisa Morgantini - Former Vice-President of European Parliament, Italy
  581. Lukas Briellmann - Pastoral Head, Lucerne, Switzerland
  582. Lukas Eitel - District Spokesperson of the DIE LINKE in Erlangen - Höchstadt, Germany
  583. Lukas Theune - Lawyer and Executive Director of the RAV, Germany
  584. Lydie Massard Passal- Spokesperson of Democratic Union Party of Brötan, France
  585. M. Luz Gonzalez-STES
  586. M. Mar Martinez Lombardo- S.Ferroviario
  587. Madelon de Maa Suter - Artist of Painting (BastA!), Basel, Switzerland
  588. Maggie Chapman - Member of the Scottish Parliament - for the Scottish Greens, Scotland/UK
  589. Magro Patrick - Councillor of Septèmes les Vallons Municipality, France
  590. Maj Karlsson- MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  591. Maja Hess - Physician, President of Medico International, Zurich, Switzerland
  592. Malcolm Momodou Jallow- MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  593. Malin Björk - Member of the European Parliament - GUE/NGL, Sweden
  594. Manolo Camano - CUT , Galizia
  595. Manon Aubry - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  596. Manu Pineda - Member of the European Parliament, Communist Party of Spain
  597. Manuel Bompard - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  598. Manuel Fernandez- President of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers' Solidarity
  599. Manuel Garcia Algarro - Valencian Inter-Union, Spain
  600. Manuela Schiller - Lawyer, Zurich, Switzerland
  601. Marc Bertholet - Municipal Councillor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  602. Marc Candela Ruiz - Valencian Inter-Union
  603. Marc Ménager - Producer, France
  604. Marcelo Sandoval Vargas- University of Guadalajara, Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, Mexico
  605. Marchand Claude - Correspondent
  606. Marco Balestrazzi – Journalist, Italy
  607. Marco Bersani, Spokesperson of Attac-Italia, Italy
  608. Marco Trotta - Vice Chair of Quarter San Donato, San Vitale - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  609. Marcus Häggström - Public Health Strategist, Sweden
  610. Margarita Windisch-Socialist Alliance, Teacher, VIC, Australia
  611. Margrit Holzmann-Specialist in General Medicine, Lucerne, Switzerland
  612. Maria Lozano Tomas - Intersindical Salut IV, Spain
  613. Maria Stockhaus - City Councillor of Darmstadt, Germany
  614. Marianne Isaksson - Economist expert, Sweden
  615. Marie Sneve Martinussen - MP - Norway
  616. Marie-Christine Vergiat - Vice president of the Human Rights League (LDH), France
  617. Marina D'Altri - Vice Chair of Quarter Santo Stefano - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  618. Mario Agostinelli -Former Secretary CGIL Lombardia, Italy
  619. Marion Raoul - Retired, France
  620. Marit Vikan Sævareid – Philosopher, writer, Norway
  621. Mark Baumeister - Trade Union Official, Germany
  622. Mark Goudkamp-Solidarity, Teacher & refugee activist, NSW, Australia
  623. Marko Ulvila - Human Rights Activist - Finland
  624. Marlene Bodenmann - Teacher, City Parliamentarian SP, St.Gallen, Switzerland
  625. Marta Guijarro Mas- General Director of Mes for Mallorca
  626. Martha Wicklund - opposition council in Örebro Municipality for the Left Party, Sweden
  627. Martin Flückiger - BastA! Strong Alternative for Basel, Switzerland
  628. Massimiliano Rubbi - Councillor Quarter Navile - Municipality of Bologna- Italy
  629. Massimiliano Smeriglio - MEP S&D, Italy
  630. Massimo Carlotto - Human rights activist, Italy
  631. Massimo Franzoni – Veterinary, Italy
  632. Mateau Olivier - General secretary of the UDCGT Syndicate, France
  633. Mathilde François - Lecturer of the University of Montpelier, France
  634. Mathilde Marendaz - Member of the Yverdon-Les-Bains Municipal Council (Solidarity and Ecology), Switzerland
  635. Mathilde Panot- MP of Val-de-Marne, President of the LFI Parliamentary Group
  636. Mats Lindström - Politicians, Sweden
  637. Matteo Pronzini - Councillor of Tessin (Movement for Socialism),
  638. Matti Väliahde - Datanomi , Finland
  639. Maurice Pierre - Federal councillor of Left Party, France
  640. Maurizio Aspesi - Human Rights Activist, Italy
  641. Mauro Rubichi - president of the Ita-Nica Association of Livorno, Italy
  642. Max Savy - Member of the Communist party in Frontignan Region
  643. Maya Heuschmann - BastA, Strong Alternative of Basel! Switzerland
  644. Memet Akbina-Politician and Human Right Activist Holstebro, Denmark
  645. Meneceur Myriam-Sanitarian, France
  646. Mercedes Vidal - United & Alternative Left's Co-Coordinator - Catalonia/Spain
  647. Merkelouf Horiya - President of the Bouches du Rhone (13) MRAP, France
  648. Methevet William - Member of PCF, France
  649. Meylan Gérard - Actor, France
  650. Mezocases Corinne, Sanitarian
  651. Mia Sydow Mölleby - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  652. Michael Löwy - Research director of CNRS, France
  653. Michael M. Gunter, Secretary-General of the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), USA
  654. Michael Neuhaus, Spokesperson for the National Council, Linksjugend Solid
  655. Michael Töngi - National Councillor GREENS, Luzern, Switzerland
  656. Michalis Charalambidis - Politicians and Academics, Greece
  657. Michel Larive- LFI MP of Ariège
  658. Michel Vanhoorne - Coordinator of the Left Ecological Forum, Belgium
  659. Michela Cicculli - Councillor Municipality di Roma, Italy
  660. Miguel Angel Ferris Gil, STEPV
  661. Miguel Urbán Crespo - Member of the European Parliament, Spain
  662. Mika Iisakka – Teacher, Finland
  663. Mike Arnott- Secretary Dundee Trades Union Council, Scotland/UK
  664. Miklós Kontra - Linguist , Hungary
  665. Milan Martín - Lawyer, Germany
  666. Miquel Angel Essomba- University Professor, Catalonia
  667. Miquel Ensenyat - Parliamentary Group Spokesperson Mes for Mallorca
  668. Miquel Gallardo Esgleas- MP of Mes, Mallorca
  669. Miquel Gelabert Genovart- STEI Intersindical
  670. Miquel Rossello del Rosal - President of the Darder Mascaro Foundation
  671. Mira Maalouf - Chairperson of the International Committee - The Left Youth, Finland
  672. Mireille Court - Journalist, France
  673. Miriam Miranda - Organisation of Black Honduran Fraternal Organisation - OFRANEH, Honduras
  674. Miriam Rizvi - Climate Activist and City Parliamentarian (JUSO), St.Gallen, Switzerland
  675. Mirjami Rautio – Teacher, Finland
  676. Mizgin Ciftci - Member of the Party Executive Committee DIE LINKE, Niedersachen, Germany
  677. Monica Capurri – Lawyer, Italy
  678. Monty Schädel - Former Political Director of the DFG - VK, Germany
  679. Murat Artin- Former MP of left party, Sweden
  680. Muriel Chenaux Mesnier - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP
  681. Muriel Ressiguier - MP of Hérault Region, France
  682. Murray Olsen - University of Queensland, Physicist, QLD, Australia
  683. Mussoud David - Councilor of SNCF, France
  684. Nando Mainardi - advisor of national direction of Prc - Councillor municipality of Fiorenzuola- Italy
  685. Nelly Bocchi- Pharmacist,Italy
  686. Niccolò Vernazza – Teacher, Italy
  687. Nicholas Henry - Deakin University, Lecturer, VIC, Australia
  688. Nicola Fratoianni - MP and Spokesperson for the Left Italy, Italy
  689. Nicola Giua - Teacher - COBAS Scuola Cagliari, Italy
  690. Nicolas Cossange - Member of the Communist party in Béziers Region, France
  691. Nicolas Walder - National Councillor (GREENS), Geneva, Switzerland
  692. Nicole Gohlke - Member of the German Federal Parliament, Die LINKE
  693. Nicole Schultheiß - Kurdistan Solidarity Committee Kiel, Germany
  694. Nicoletta Gandus- Former Magistrate, Italy
  695. Nieles Peret Guirao - Intersindical Salut
  696. Nil Caouissin - Representative of the Brötan Region, France
  697. Nils Andersson - Writer and Publisher, France
  698. Nimiane Birath - Gävle University Student, Sweden
  699. Nina Schild - City Councillor of Wiesbaden, Germany
  700. Nina Treu - Founding Member of the Konzeptwerk New Economy, Leipzig, Germany
  701. Nina Zagareanu - Councillor Quarter Porto, Saragozza - Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  702. Nogueres Dominique - Human Rights Activist, France
  703. Nora Cortinas - Co-founder of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Argentina
  704. Norman Paech - Expert in International Law, Germany
  705. Nouari Marie Laurence, Senior officer at ministry of education, France
  706. Oihana Etxebarrieta- Member of the Basque Parliament
  707. Olive Christophe - Member of CGT, France
  708. Olivier Besancenot - Former Presidential Candidate, France
  709. Olli-Pekka Haavisto, Specializing in the global water crisis, Finland
  710. Onorio Rosati - Former Secretary Camera del Lavoro di Milan, Italy
  711. Óscar Menéndez, Science Communicator, Spain
  712. Pablo Dominguez - Collective Heart of Time - Puelmapu - Norpatagonia, Argentina
  713. Paolo Ferrero - Former Minister, Vice President of the European Left party, Italy
  714. Paolo Fornaciari - Human Rights Activist, Italy
  715. Paolo Limonta - Former Councillor municipality of Milano, Italy
  716. Parvane Assadbegli - Chair of Left Party Group in Karlstad, Sweden
  717. Pascal Torre - Lecturer of ENA, France
  718. Patricia Gimenez - OSUT-IV, Spain
  719. Patricia Parga Vega - Journalist, France
  720. Patricia Perales- Member of the Navarro Parliament, Spain
  721. Patrick Farbiaz - Administrator of PEPS Movement, France
  722. Patrick Seguin - Co-secretary of Left Party in Hérault Region, France
  723. Patrick Vicario - Lecturer of the University of Montpelier, France
  724. Patrizia Canu - Teacher Carbonia, Italy
  725. Patrizia Manco - operator of sociosanitaria, Italy
  726. Paul Laverty, Screen writer, Scotland/UK
  727. Paz Paredes- Surgeon, France
  728. Pedro Faro - Director of the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Centre, Mexico
  729. Pedro Polo Fernandez- STEI Intersindical
  730. Pepa Alleira - Jubilados y Pensionistas
  731. Per Nørgaard Kristensen - Board of the Red-Green Alliance Party – Roskilde, Denmark
  732. Per Olof Nordin - Educator, Sweden
  733. Pernille Frahm - Former of the European Parliament and Member of Parliament, Denmark
  734. Peter Boyle- Socialist Alliance, Activist-journalist, NSW, Australia
  735. Peter Hediger - EF Pastor Oberentfelden, Switzerland
  736. Peter Klusmann - Lawyer , Germany
  737. Peter Slezak - University of NSW, Associate professor, NSW, Australia
  738. Peter Weispfenning - Lawyer , Germany
  739. Petra Packalén - Editor in Chief of Tiedonantaja - Finland
  740. Pfrn. Verena Mühlethaler - Pastor of the Evangelical Reformed Church, Zurich, Switzerland
  741. Philippe Dieudonné- Former President of the Marseille Section of the League of Human Rights
  742. Philippe Pellegrini - Co-Secretary of the Communist party Cote d'Azur region, France
  743. Philippe Poutou - French Presidential Candidate, France
  744. Philippe Somsky - The Deputy Mayor of Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland
  745. Phillip Deery - Victoria University, Professor, VIC, Australia
  746. Pia Hollenstein - Former National Councillor, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  747. Pia Maria Roll - Director & Theater Artist, Norway
  748. Pia Sigmund- Writer - Denmark
  749. Piazzoli Gilles- Secretary of Draguignan CGT, France
  750. Picard Maxime - Ouvrier du Livre, France
  751. Pierfrancesco Majorino - MEP S&D, Italy
  752. Pierre Bance - Doctor of Law - Independent Researcher, France
  753. Pierre Conscience - Community Councillor (EÀG-SolidaritéS), Lausanne, Switzerland
  754. Pierre Cours-Salies- Professor Emeritus, Sociologist
  755. Pierre Guilabert - Member of Science-po, France
  756. Pierre Laurent - Vice President of the Senate & Chairman of the Communist Party Mational Council, France
  757. Pinero Maïté - Journalist, France
  758. Pino Cacucci - Writer, Italy
  759. Porpora Marcasciano - Councillor Municipality di Bologna, Italy
  760. Poyard Pierre Olivier - Member of the Council “Mouvement de la Paix” and Writer of « osez la paix »
  761. Prof. Andrej Grubacic -Department Chair of Anthropology and Social Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies, USA
  762. Prof. Armando Boito -University of San Paolo, Brasile
  763. Prof. Dr. Alex Demirovic, Sociologist, Lecturer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  764. Prof. Dr. Aram Ziai - University of Kassel, Development and Postcolonial Studies, Heisenberg Professor
  765. Prof. Dr. Franco Cavalli - Former Member of the National Council (SP) Bellinzona, Switzerland
  766. Prof. Dr. Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left, Germany
  767. Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. Soz., Gerhard Trabert- Paracelsus Medaille and Salomon Neumann Medaille, Germany
  768. Prof. Dr. Michael Meyen- University of Munih, Germany
  769. Prof. Erhard Scholz- Lecturer at Bergisch University, Wuppertal, Germany
  770. Prof. Francesco Strazzari - International Relations of Sant'anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, Italy
  771. Prof. Heinz Sünker- Philosopher and Social Pedagogue (Institute for Peace Analysis and Developing Democracy/IPAADD, Wuppertal
  772. Prof. i. R. Dr. Peter Brandt - Historian and Publicist, Germany
  773. Prof. Kjersti Ericsson – Psychologist, criminologist, writer & poet, Norway
  774. Prof. Laura Corradi - University of Calabria,Italy
  775. Prof. Marco Vanzulli - University of Bicocca Milano, Italy
  776. Prof. Marlies Casier - Professor in migration studies at the Ghent University, Belgium
  777. Prof. Nadje Al-Ali - Professor of Anthropology and Middle East Studies-Brown University, USA
  778. Prof. Pervez Hoodbhoy - Nuclear physicist and political defence analyst, Pakistan
  779. Prof. Ricardo Antunes -University of San Paolo, Brasile
  780. Prof. Sandro Mezzadra - teaches political theory at the University of Bologna, Italy
  781. Prof. Ueli Mäder - Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Basel, Switzerland
  782. Prof.em.Dr.phil. Erica Deuber Ziegler - Historian of Art, Geneva, Switzerland
  783. Prof.em.Dr.phil. Jean Ziegler, Sociologist, Former National Councillor, Switzerland
  784. Professor Irfan Acikgöz- Mönchengladbach, Germany
  785. Quentin Talon - Montreux Municipal Councillor (Décroissance-Alternatives), Vevey, Switzerland
  786. Rama Kant Agnihotri - D.Phil. (York) Retired as Professor and Head Dept of Linguistics at the University of Delhi, India
  787. Ramazan Mendanlioglu- Social Scientist and Activist
  788. Ramón Font I Nunez, STEPV-IV
  789. Raquel Mas Almagro, STAS
  790. Raúl Prada Alcoreza - Lecturer at the San Andres University/Bolivia
  791. Raúl Romero- Sociologist, Mexico
  792. Rebecca Thel- Chairman of the Left Party Helsingborg, Sweden
  793. Régine Fio- Activist, France
  794. Reijo Rinne - Master of Science (Technology), Finland
  795. Reko Ravela - Human Rights Activist - Finland
  796. Rémy Pagani - Writer, Former Mayor of the City of Geneva, Switzerland
  797. Renée Le Mignot - President of MRAP, France
  798. René-Simon Meyer- Sociologist, Trade Unionist, Geneva, Switzerland
  799. Rexhino Abazaj - Human Rights Activist ,Finland
  800. Reynier Jacqueline - Politician, France
  801. Ricardo Casiro Berger - CUT
  802. Riccardo Bottazzo – Journalist, Italy
  803. Richard Hannard- Syndicalist, France
  804. Robert Guédiguian - Filmmaker, France
  805. Robert Phillipson - Professor – Copenhagen, Human Rights Specialist, Denmark
  806. Roberto Giudici - Former responsible of organizational of FIOM union, Italy
  807. Roberto Mapelli -Chair of Association Cultura Punto Rosso, Italy
  808. Roberto Morea - Transform! Italia e Europa, Italy
  809. Roberto Musacchio - former Member of the European Parliament - Rifondazione Comunista, Italy
  810. Roberto Rampi- Senator, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Italy
  811. Roberto Serra - Photographer and photojournalist, Italy
  812. Rocio del Pilar Moreno Badajoz- Lecturer-Researcher
  813. Rodrigo Rivas - Chilean intellectual and member of the Salvador Allende government of unidad popular
  814. Roger Adan Chambi Mayta - PhD Student in Agrarian Law - UFG, Brazil
  815. Roland Denis - Former Minister of Planning, Venezuela
  816. Roland Meister - Lawyer - Germany
  817. Roland Schuster - Member of Die LINKE, Mannheim, Germany
  818. Rolf Gössner - Publisher and Lawyer, Germany
  819. Ronald David - Coordinator of The Greensin the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
  820. Rosa Hauser - President of Lichterkessel Basel, Switzerland
  821. Rosa Mercedes Salazar - Coordination Committee for Peace, Sovereignty, Integration and Non-Interference, Ecuador
  822. Rosa Rodrigo Garcia, STAS
  823. Rosalia Reia Ineiro - Intersindical Valenciana
  824. Rosaria De Angelo - President of No Racism Baselland, Basel, Switzerland
  825. Rosario Andreozzi - Councillor Municipality di Napoli, Italy
  826. Ross Greer - Member of the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Greens' External Affairs spokesperson, Scotland/UK
  827. Rossi Robert - Writer and singer, France
  828. Rubén Chaves Marti- SF Inter-Union Intersindical, Spain
  829. Ruben Moreno Martin- STAS
  830. Rudolf Bürgel - Executive Committee of DIE LINKE Baden - Württemberg, Germany
  831. Ruedi Tobler - President of the Swiss Peace Council, St.Gallen, Switzerland
  832. Sabatino Paul - Vice mayor of Rove, France 
  833. Saïd Bouamama- Sociologist and Activist of the Front Uni des Immigrations et des Quartiers Populaires (FUIQP)
  834. Salarbasjhsh Lydia - International Relations Officer of PCF, France
  835. Sally Thompson - Adult Learning Centre, CEO, VIC, Australia
  836. Salustiana Caballero - Communicator and Sociologist, Paraguay
  837. Salvatore Malinconico - philosopher writer,Italy
  838. Samouelian Annick - Chair of “Solidarité et Liberté”
  839. Sampo Korrensalo - Park philosopher, Finland
  840. Samson Yemane - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP, Switzerland
  841. Samuel de Vargas - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP,
  842. Samuel Gonzalez - Board member of the Left party, Sweden
  843. Samuli Lähteenaho - Doctoral student, Finland
  844. Sanchez Richard - General Secretary of the “PCF in Amical des Véterans”, France
  845. Sandro Mezzadra - Prof. University of Bologna, Italy
  846. Sara Baban - Theater Artist - Norway
  847. Sarah Blum - Grand Councillor of Neuchâtel (PdA), La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
  848. Sarah Dubiel - Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group DIE LINKE Wetzlar, National Spokesperson Linksjugend Solid
  849. Sarah Neumann - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP,
  850. Saspre Pierre- Secretary of PCF in Var Region, France
  851. Scott Ludlum - Former Australian Greens Senator, WA, Australia
  852. Seher Yeğin- Journalist, Cologne, Germany
  853. Selay Ghaffar - Women’s Right Activist and Spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
  854. Serena Chiodo - Journalist & researcher, Italy
  855. Séverine Graff - Municipal Councillor of Lausanne SP, Switzerland
  856. Şeyda Kurt - Artist, Author, Germany
  857. Shell Fors- Retired Pastor, Sweden
  858. Showan Shattak- Politician of Left Party Malmo, Sweden
  859. Siavash Mobasheri - Oslo City Council Representative and Leader of the Red Party in Oslo, Norway
  860. Sieglinde Òhrens - Women on the Road to the World, Basel, Switzerland
  861. Silvana Barbieri- Fonti di Pace Onlus, Italy
  862. Silvia Beatriz Adoue - Professor at UNESP and ENFF, Brazil
  863. Simon Jonsson - Coordinator of Youth in Söderhamn, Sweden
  864. Simona Larghetti - Councillor Municipality di Bologna, Italy
  865. Simona Solvi – advisor, Italy
  866. Simonetta Crisci – Lawyer, Italy
  867. Sina Deiss - Co-President of BastA!, Strong Alternative!, Basel, Switzerland
  868. Sisli Piisilä - Environmental Engineer, Finland
  869. Slavoj Žižek - Philosopher, Slovenia
  870. Sofia Rana - Oslo City Council Representative, Norway
  871. Sofia Sakorafa - Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, MP for MeRA25, Greece
  872. Soheyla Fors- Politician of Christian Democrat, Sweden
  873. Soler Armand - Educator and Activist, France
  874. Sonia Caparros Gutierez, STEPV-IV, Spain
  875. Soraya Sough - Member of the leadership of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), Spain
  876. Spano Pierre - Municipal Council of Aix, France
  877. Srećko Horvat – Philosopher, Croatia
  878. Steen Folke - retired senior scientist, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) - and former member of the Danish parliament - Denmark
  879. Stefan Schutt - Victoria University, Academic, VIC, Australia
  880. Stefanie Prezioso - National Councillor Ensemble à Gauche/Rèsistance, Geneva, Switzerland
  881. Stefano Galieni – Journalist, Italy
  882. Stefano Mannironi – Lawyer, Italy
  883. Stephan Kuhn - Lawyer - Germany
  884. Stephanie Clarke - Community development, VIC, Australia
  885. Stephen Smellie - Depute Convenor - Unison Scotland, Scotland/UK
  886. Stig Berntsen - Deputy leader of the Trade Union Health, Social and Welfare, Norway
  887. Stina Bergsten - Co-Leader for Solidarity with Kurdistan ,Norway
  888. Sue Bolton- Socialist Alliance, City of Moreland councillor, VIC, Australia
  889. Sunita Memerovic - First Lawyer of Roman & member of the Swedish Bar Association, Sweden
  890. Susanna Kuisma - Activist, Student, Finland
  891. Sveinung Legard - Researcher Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
  892. Syksy Räsänen - Chairperson of ICAHD, Cosmologist and activist who works as a lecturer in theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki, Finland
  893. Sylvain Thévoz - Grand Councillor of Geneva (SP), Switzerland
  894. Sylvia Hale - Former Greens state MP, NSW, Australia
  895. Sylvia Marcos – Escritora, Anthropologist and Psychologist, Mexico
  896. Sylvie Jan - President of France-Kurdistan, France
  897. Tamara Erbach - President of the Ingerbach Commune, Switzerland
  898. Taraneh Aminian - Councillor of Vaud PdA, Vevey, Switzerland
  899. Teresa Savall- STEPV
  900. Terry Townsend - Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Editor, NSW, Australia
  901. Thais Aloma Ruiz Baza - National Association of Colombian Women, Columbia
  902. Theresa Maria Folke Olesen - Board of the Red- Green Alliance Party - Roskilde , Denmark
  903. Thomas Kilpper- Professor, Bergen University Faculty of Art, Music and Design, KMD
  904. Thomas Lutze - Member of the German Federal Parliament, Die LINKE
  905. Tiago Branquino - Municipal Councillor of Vevey (Décroissance-Alternatives), Switzerland
  906. Tim Engels - Lawyer, Germany
  907. Timon Dörfeld - Member of the Council of Spokespersons of DIE LINKE Darmstadt
  908. Tobias Drevland Lund - MP - Norway
  909. Tobias Kratz - Member of the Council of Spokespersons of DIE LINKE Darmstadt, Germany
  910. Tobias Smedberg - Opposition Council in Uppsala Municipality for the Left Party, Sweden
  911. Tom Clark - Victoria University, Associate professor, VIC, Australia
  912. Tom Morrison - Brisbane Solidarity Network, QLD, Australia
  913. Tomasz Konicz - Author and journalist - Germany/Poland
  914. Tommaso Di Francesco - vice director of il Manifesto, Italy
  915. Tommy Flugt- Writer, Denmark
  916. Tommy Sheppard - MP, Scottish National Party (SNP), Scotland/UK
  917. Toni Peris Martinez- STEPV
  918. Tonja Zürcher - Councillor of Basel (BastA!), Switzerland
  919. Tony Haddou - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  920. Tony Rublon - President of the Brötanya Kurdish Friendship Association, France
  921. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas - Associate professor, linguistic human rights specialist, Finland
  922. Trudy Hellqvist- Member of the United Nations Federation, Sweden
  923. Truls Vall - Co-Leader for Solidarity with Kurdistan, Norway
  924. Tue Magnussen - retired university teacher, writer and debater, Denmark
  925. Tue Turzen- Member of the Hillerod Town Council, Denmark
  926. Tuna Altinel - Lecturer of University of Lyon, France
  927. Uffe Elbæk - Member of Danish Parliament for Independent Greens, Denmark
  928. Uli Franke - City Councillor of Darmstadt, Germany
  929. Urs Sekinger - President of Solifonds, Zurich, Swizterland
  930. Uwe Friesel - Author, Germany
  931. Valérie Induni - Grand Councillor Vaud, Trade Unionist, Switzerland
  932. Valerio Evangelisti - Writer - Italy
  933. Vanessa Guidi - President of the Mediterranean Saving Humans APS- Italy
  934. Vanessa Sanchez, Director, France
  935. Vasiliki Tsouplqki- MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  936. Vegard Møller - Journalist - Norway
  937. Verena Rajab - Journalist and Chairperson of the Palestine Committee Stuttgart, Germany
  938. Verity Burgmann - Monash University, Professor, VIC, Australia
  939. Verónica Mounier - CNI National Congress of Indigenous Peoples, Mexico
  940. Véronique Blanstier - Vice mayor of Ramonville Saint Agne, France
  941. Veysi Sarisözen- Journalist, Germany
  942. Vicenç Vidal Matas- Senator, Las Balears
  943. Vicent Mauri - Valencian Inter-Union, Spain
  944. Vicente Arrones de la Asone, STAS
  945. Vicente Barber Delgado –Activist, Spain
  946. Vilde Aubell Kjempengren - General Secretary of Red Youth, Norway
  947. Ville Punto – Lawyer, Finland
  948. Villo Sigurdsson - Former Mayor of Copenhagen Denmark
  949. Vilma Almendra - Women of the Nasa/Misak Peoples - Abya Yala
  950. Vincent Keller - Cantonal Councillor Lausanne (PdA ), Lausanne, Switzerland
  951. Vincenzo Miliucci - National Executive Member of COBAS
  952. Viraj Mendis - Chairperson of the Internationaler Menschenrechtsverein Bremen e.V., Germany
  953. Vittorio Agnoletto- Doctor - Former MEP, Italy
  954. Vittorio Savini - coordinator of Giovani Comunisti Milano, Italy
  955. Walter Montagnoli - National secretary of CUB union, Italy
  956. Wayne Klempel- Socalist Alliance, Boilermaker (retired), VIC, Australia
  957. Wendy Bacon - Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, Professor, NSW, Australia
  958. Xavier Lambert - Emeritus Professor, University of Toulouse, France
  959. Xóchitl Leyva Solano- Social Science Worker, Chiapas
  960. Xosé Rivera Jacome - Confederation of Inter-Union, Galega CIG, Spain
  961. Yanis Varoufakis - Member of Greek Parliament and MeRA25 leader - DiEM25 co-founder - Professor of Economics - Greece
  962. Yasha Mavcanico – Researcher, Italy
  963. Yasmine Posio - MP of the Left Party, Sweden
  964. Yayo Herrero Lopez- Anthropologist-Ecofeminst
  965. Yener Sözen - Lawyer, Germany
  966. Yolanda de la torre Perez, Secretary General of the CNT Comercial Sur de Madrid
  967. Younous Omarjee - MEP, GUE/NGL, France
  968. Yrjö Hakanen - Chairperson of Finnish Communist Party in Helsinki, Finland
  969. Yvan Luccarini - Mayor of Vevey (Décroissance Alternatives), Switzerland
  970. Zerocalcare – Cartoonist, Italy
  971. ADIF - Association Rights and Borders, Italy
  972. ASCE, Sardinian Association against Marginalization, Italy
  973. Association COBAS SCUOLA Sardegna, Italy
  974. Association for Antonio Gramsci – Ghilarza, Italy
  975. Association of the Emancipatory Teaching at the National University of Rosario
  976. Association of Workers' Rights - ADL Cobas, Italy
  977. Association Ya Basta – Bologna, Italy
  978. CISDA- Italian Coordination in Support of Afghan Women, Italy
  979. Civic Coalition for Bologna - Courageous Ecologist Solidarity, Italy
  980. COBAS - Confederazione dei Comitati of Base, Italy
  981. Collective NI UNA MENOS, Argentina
  982. Communist Youth, Finland
  983. DIE LINKE - Erlangen/Erlangen - Höchstadt, Germany             
  984. District Association of DIE LINKE - Mönchengladbach, Germany       
  985. ELA, Sindicato Basco, Spain
  986. Feminist Party - DIE FRAUEN, Germany                       
  987. Fraktion DIE LINKE - Mönchengladbach, Germany                  
  988. Front of Organisations in Struggle Unity (FOL-U), Argentina
  989. Group ROJA Nürnerg, Germany     
  990. IPPNW Iskenius, Spain
  991. Meditteranea Saving Humans APS, Italy
  992. Orange the Association of University Lecturers, Argentina
  993. Popolar Scuole of Antonio Gramsci – Ghilarza, Italy
  994. PRC - Communist Refoundation Party-European Left, Italy
  995. Revolutionary Guevarist Organisation and Guevarist Youth, Argentina
  996. Rote Hilfe e.V., Germany                                   
  997. Sinistra Italia- Italy
  998. Stato Sociale - Music Band, Italy
  999. STEILAS- Education Trade Union, Spain
  1000. Teachers' Trade Union of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  1001. Women's Association Courage, Germany
  1002. Women's Rights Centre of Chiapas, Mexico
  1003. Youth Council of the Maya K'iche' People (CPK), Guatemala