Panels and conferences at sit-in in Strasbourg

A panel discussion on the "Be Hev Ra Serhıldan" initiative was held during the sit-in protest that the youth took over in Strasbourg.

The sit-in protest launched by TJK-E and KCDK-E in Strasbourg demanding freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan on 12 October, has entered its last week. Tevgera Ciwanen Şoreşger (TCŞ) and TEKO-JIN activist youth took over the sit-in on Monday.

'Öcalan presents an alternative way of living’

A panel discussion was held about the "Be Hev Ra Serhildan" initiative. Speaking at the panel Fırat Dilsoz said that the initiative they launched was within the scope of building democratic modernity against capitalist modernity.

Noting that capitalism is making the world uninhabitable, Dilsoz underlined that the philosophy and ideology of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan proposed an alternative way of living.

Dilsoz added that the isolation of the Kurdish people's leader, which has been absolute since the International Conspiracy, is an attack on democratic modernity and democratic confederalism.

Dilsoz added that these attacks and isolation aimed at eliminating the historical resistance of the Kurdish Freedom Movement against capitalism and stated that the attacks can only be voided in an organized manner.

Dilsoz said that the Turkish state is trying to solve the Kurdish question by eliminating the Kurds and insists on its war policy and added that the attacks carried out by the betrayal of the KDP in South Kurdistan were prevented by guerrilla resistance. He finally called on everyone, especially the Kurdish people, to resist this occupation and massacre.

Call to join demonstration on 28 October

Internationalist groups from Spain, Switzerland, Germany and France, have joined the action.

Mass participation in the week-long action is expected on 28 October when a march will be held at 1 pm, starting at Kleber Square and ending in front of the Council of Europe. Young people called out to the Kurdish people and their friends to participate in the action.

In addition, activists of the Global Initiative "Time has come - Freedom for Öcalan" will connect via Skype on Wednesday and Friday to explain why the freedom of the Kurdish people's leader is important and tell about their work in the campaign.

Among the speakers on Wednesday are: Ögmundur Jónasson, Iceland; Ela Gandhi, India; Simon Dubbins, Director of international relations of the British Union UNITE and the director of the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Campaign.