People's Democratic Communication Network-HADI to hold first online meeting on Sunday

HDP-Green Left Party people who were forced to live abroad, established HADI (People's Democratic Communication Network), will hold its first online meeting tomorrow.

HDP-Green Left Party people who had to live abroad for economic, political, professional, family, educational and similar reasons, have established HADI (People's Democratic Communication Network), to create a bridge of solidarity from Europe to Turkey as the most critical election in the country's history approaches.

In a statement, the group announced that they will hold a digital press conference, tomorrow, Sunday, 26 March, at 7pm in Europe (9pm in Turkey) to announce its establishment and share its goals.

The statement said: "We are a group of volunteers from hundreds of thousands of HDP members living in different European countries. There are HDP politicians, peace academics, journalists, intellectuals and artists among us who had to go abroad in the last few years. We are establishing the People's Democratic Communication Network - HADI, in order to spread the voice of the HDP, which decided to enter the elections under the umbrella of the Green Left Party in order to defeat the tricks of the government to shut down the HDP with the help of the Constitutional Court, two months before the elections."

The meeting can be attended on the following social platforms: