PKK and PAJK prisoners ended their hunger strike - statement

“In line with the call made by Leader Apo, we, the PKK and PAJK prisoners are ending the hunger strike.”

PKK and PAJK prisoners have confirmed in a long statement that they are ending the hunger strike.

The announcement by prisoners’ spokesperson Deniz Kaya is in response to Abdullah Öcalan’ last message read out today by his lawyers at a press conference in Istanbul. 

The prisoners statement said: “Abdullah Öcalan was visited a second time on 22 May by his lawyers. It was important to have this meeting after the minister of justice says that isolation had been lifted. Leader Apo made a call to all hunger strikers to end the hunger strike. In this context, when it is widely accepted that isolation is unfair, illegitimate and unlawful, Önder Apo's request to end the actions is meaningful and must be fulfilled.”

For this reason, added the prisoners, “in line with the call made by Leader Apo, we, the PKK and PAJK prisoners are ending the hunger strike.”

The prisoners saluted the resistance by the mothers who “have been a great support to our struggle. 

We want to thank our people who support our Resistance, the people of Turkey, democracy forces, human rights organizations, legal institutions and bar associations, civil society organizations, all political circles, and we thank the forces of democracy and the intellectuals who support our resistance all over the world.”

Now, said the prisoners “the responsibility falls on democracy forces, human rights and law organizations. They should keep monitoring that regular meetings with families and lawyers are taking place. They should be informing of any violation of this right.”

The prisoners ended their remarks saying: “Our people no longer want to live side by side with the isolation on the Leader Apo. The isolation on the leader Apo has been imposed on our people and the forces of democracy as well. 

In this respect, it is clear that we will not remain silent on isolation.

We once again emphasize our commitment and respect to Leader Apo. We pledge to accompany him with the adequate will and we promise that we will always walk on the path envisaged by our leadership.”