PKK: Let's celebrate Newroz!

The PKK issued a statement to urge people to "celebrate this unusual Newroz."

The PKK said in a written statement: "The Kurdish people and the people of the region, are experiencing a new Newroz.

Despite the severe problems and serious obstacles, Newroz fires are burning in every area, and Newroz, the oldest Freedom Day in history, is celebrated with enthusiasm.

With great hope, a new spring and a new year are welcomed. On the day of unity, resistance and freedom, Newroz is lived by our people and democratic forces in accordance with its historical meaning. It is understood that in this new year, the freedom resistance against all kinds of persecution will develop much more successfully in the spirit of Newroz."

The PKK added: "It is clear that one of the greatest revolutionary resistance in history has been experienced in the last Newroz when we celebrated great victories. Indeed, the last blow against DAESH, was dealt before the 2019 Newroz and all peoples and humanity received the good news that 'ISIS's territorial domination had ended' on Newroz 2019. While the revolutionary revenge resistance, which was developed in memory of our Newroz martyrs, caused fatal blows to the AKP-MHP fascism, the AKP-MHP fascism was also heavily defeated in the local elections of 31 March 31. Last year was a year in which the fascist-colonial mentality and politics that wanted to carried out a Kurdish genocide were severely defeated and the hopes of freedom became stronger than ever."

The PKK continued: "The new Newroz year is entered on the basis of these developments. The will of freedom, the great enthusiasm and resistance experienced by women in Kurdistan and around the world in the 8 March celebrations are now the basis of the Newroz celebrations.

Although it is attempted to prevent such freedom gains with a great disaster called 'Coronavirus epidemic', our patriotic people led by women and youth celebrate the Newroz Freedom Festival, once again clearly demonstrating the will for a free life by overcoming obstacles. They claim the will to break isolation, destroy fascism and establish democracy in all areas."

The PKK underlined that "clearly in this Newroz 2020, the coronavirus obstacle will prevent massive demonstrations. Undoubtedly, our people and friends should take into account this disaster threatening all humanity in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, and should have an approach that will protect their life and health."

The PKK ended its statement by saying that "Newroz is the beginning of a new historical resistance move. Our patriotic people and all revolutionary-democratic forces will overcome all kinds of obstacles and live Newroz according to its historical meaning, and will develop the move to break the isolation against AKP-MHP fascism, to destroy fascism and to establish democracy in all areas. The AKP-MHP fascism will be destroyed, the Imrali isolation will be torn apart, and Leader Abdullah Öcalan will be freed."