Police beat people protesting against the AKP in Kadikoy

Police attacked the demonstration in Kadikoy, Istanbul, against the AKP decision to appoint trustees to three HDP-run municipalities.

Many people were beaten and detained during the demonstration and an unidentified person was stabbed.

HDP Kadikoy District Organization had organised a demonstration against the usurpation of the three HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin in Kadikoy.

The HDP was prevented by police from reading a press release in front of Sureyya Opera.

Tension between the police and the crowd protesting this arbitrary usurpation lasted long and people chanted slogans to support the resistance in Amed.

The police then attacked the crowd with plastic bullets filled with pepper gas and the people responded by throwing bottles and stones.

Many people were beaten and detained and an unidentified person on his 40s was stabbed. An ambulance was called and the man was taken to hospital.