Police hold gun to Sur co-mayor Buluttekin's head during arrest

As part of the political genocide operation, Sur Municipality co-mayor Filiz Buluttekin was detained in her home and the town hall was raided. While being detained, Buluttekin was pointed a gun to her head by police.

Sur District Municipality's service building was raided by police in the morning. While the police closed off the municipality building, Sur Municipal Co-Mayor Filiz Buluttekin and Municipal Assembly Member Yilmaz Eken's houses were raided in the morning.

Buluttekin and Eken were detained following the search and taken to the Diyarbakır Security Directorate.

Police search at the town hall continues.

DBP co-chair Saliha Aydeniz said that a police was pointing his gun to Sur Municipality co-mayor Filiz Buluttekin's head while she was being detained. 

Aydeniz said in a twitter: “While they were detaining co-mayor of Sur # FilizBuluttekin, they put them on the ground and held a gun to her head."

Aydeniz added: "You [AKP] have not won by election, you are trying to take your revenge on this people, taking them away from their elected representatives. You should know that you can never get elected and get those municipalities."